DogWatch Office Dogs Take Over

The DogWatch Office Dogs – including Toby the Pomeranian, Lucy the Chug, Brodie the Dachshund, Biz the black Lab and Nellie the Aussie – are taking over DogWatch HQ in Natick, MA, and making some new rules!

Happy April Fool’s Day everybody! And to see more DogWatch Office Dog videos, check us out on YouTube.

2 Comments on “DogWatch Office Dogs Take Over

  1. Hi, I am interested in a fence system to keep my 10 pound dog in my yard. Is that something you folks do?

    • Yes we can definitely help you, Robin! We encourage you to contact your local Dealer to discuss your Hidden Fence options, installation and pricing. You can find your local Dealer here:

      Thanks for reaching out to DogWatch!

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