Poodle images via Flickr

Poodles: Getting Past the Poof

To many people, the word “poodle” conjures up images of a posh, pampered, Park Avenue pet with bows in its hair and bling on its neck; a dog that is suited for little more than lounging on a… Read More

Shepherd in agility tunnel obstacle

All About Agility

Last week we gave you some suggestions to help your dog further his intellectual pursuits. But like many people, some dogs are scholars AND athletes. If this sounds like your pup, we’ve got just the thing for you…. Read More

Maya at Graduation

School’s Gone to the Dogs!

Why should school be just for kids? There are plenty of great options to help your dog further his education. Here are DogWatch’s suggestions.

Picking Your Puppy: How to Find the Perfect Canine Companion

There’s a lot to consider when selecting the right puppy for your household. Let DogWatch help you make the decision! Read on for tips and resources.