Five Ways Dogs Can Change Your Life

Dog Tails has compiled a list of the top 5 ways that dogs can change your life for the better. These ways including reducing stress, improving productivity and keeping fit.

Facebook for Fido: The Best Pet Social Media Sites

We love how new social media sites now allow users to share their pets’ stories, photos and videos, and connect with fellow furry friends around the world. These sites are entertaining, informative, and a great way to keep your friends near and far up-to-date on your pet’s cutest, funniest, sweetest and craziest moments.

Social Media for Pet Lovers: All-Star Pets

In this post, we tell the stories of three pets who have become worldwide stars thanks to social media. We love following these cats’ and this dog’s exploits on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and blogs, and we know you will too.

Dogs in Art: A Feast for the Dog Lovers Eyes

n a recent blog post, Maria Goodavage wrote about “Dogs in Art” and the video created by Moira McLaughlin. Moira writes about Dog Art on her blog, Dog Art Today. She’s published over 840 posts about the creative ways dogs appear in every form of art. >>Continue reading