Dog Travels, Part I: Leaving on a Jetplane

Chances are that you experienced these first flight jitters (and maybe some second or third flight jitters too). Imagine, then, what your dog is feeling before his or her first flight. He or she will most likely be anxious, confused and vocal. It is your job to make sure that your dog is capable of and prepared for air travel.

DogWatch Hidden Fences wants to help. This summer, Dog Tails will offer a series of posts with pet travel tips and information. For our first installment, we’ll start big with airplane travel. We’ve broken down the preparation process into three steps: 1) Know your options, 2) Schedule a Vet Appointment and 3) Pack Wisely.

You Got A New Puppy–Now What?

By now you might be asking yourself the question many new dog owners ask in the first few weeks—Did the puppy come with a manual? And, you might be wondering if everyone in the family is helping out the way they promised, when they begged, “Please!”

There’s nothing quite like puppy love or the family dog. That being said—new puppies require cooperation, and having everyone on the same page.