During the spring, dogs shed their winter coat as their summer coat comes in to adapt to the changing temperature and prepare for what’s ahead. They lose any damaged hair and grow new, healthy hair to protect their skin. This hair dump is even more dramatic for dogs with double coats and can leave your floors full of tumbleweeds and your clothes covered in fuzzies.

Here are some hacks to combat shedding season!

If you have carpets in your house, you’re all too familiar with how difficult it is to remove dog hair from them. Before you vacuum, mix one-part fabric softener and two parts water in a spray bottle. Spray the carpet, allowing the solution to sit for a few minutes before vacuuming. The fabric softener will reduce static, making it easier to remove dog hair. It will also leave your carpets smelling great!

😎 Keep it clean
Dog hair gets everywhere, especially your clothes. To avoid leaving your home with a new coat, moisten a towel and run it over the areas where the hair has attached to your clothes. This method is far more effective than using a lint roller, and your clothes will be dry in just a few short minutes!

🐕 Brush your dog
Brushing your dog everyday or every other day goes a long way during shedding season. Consistent maintenance will help clear dead hair away. This is best to do outside!

🚗 Keep it covered
If you don’t already have a dog seat cover, now may be the time to pick one up. Not only do dog seat covers keep your car clean, but they are also easy to remove and wash, and most even come with a seat belt for your pup!

🛁 Bathe your pup!
As the weather gets warmer, you and your dog spend more time outside. For your dog, more outdoor time means more opportunities to get messy and muddy. It’s time for a bath! Regularly bathing your dog not only prevents that mud from spreading all over your house, it also helps prevent dirt, sticks and leaves from causing stubborn and potentially painful hair matting. Choose a dog-friendly shampoo from the pet store, or, if your dog has sensitive skin, use just water. If you notice any skin irritation, be sure ask your veterinary provider about medicated shampoo.