DogWatch asked for the best Halloween photos of your dog in costume, and the results were fantastic! We saw Elvis, pumpkins, skeletons, a ladybug, lions, pirates, and even the Village People (all five of them). It was a difficult choice, but the DogWatch team voted and here are the winners.

Third Place: Pete the French Bulldog

Pete the ElephantWho can resist a tiny dog dressed as the largest land animal on earth? We can’t. Pete’s elephant costume fits his petite frame perfectly, and we love the way the photo captures him mid-waddle, with a big tongue-out smile and his adorable elephant ears and trunk swaying. Speaking of ears, who would have thought you could make a French Bulldog’s ears even cuter then they already are naturally? Bonus points for the spooky jack-o-lanterns in the background.

Pete’s photographer and pet parent is Ashley Edmond (@ashnation). According to Ashley, Pete is the “easiest going French bulldog you’ll ever meet and he loves all people and other animals,” especially his “cousin,” a Rhodesian ridgeback named Joanie. Joanie may be about three times as big as Pete, but that doesn’t matter – they are still “best buds.” Pete and Ashley live in New Mexico. They enjoy traveling together, be it to the beach or the mountains. Pete has even ridden in a motorcycle side car! He loves his pup-cups from Starbucks, his lamb chop toy (which doubles as a pillow), car rides, sleeping in and snoring! Pete will turn 10 next month. Happy early birthday buddy! We look forward to seeing photos from your birthday party.

Second Place: Fumble the Newfoundland

Grumpy Old DogGrumpy is the new cute, right? Fumble the Newfoundland gives a certain cat a run for her money in this great image. The large pup is dressed as Walter Matthau’s character in the 1993 movie Grumpy Old Men, and he’s got the frown and the flannel just right. We love Fumble’s pose, including his perfectly balanced hat. We also appreciate the creativity of the image – adding the wintery backdrop to match the movie’s setting. We can almost hear him barking, “get off my lawn, kids!”

This photo is the work of Eiren Menhennitt of Maine, who has had Fumble ever since he was 8 weeks old and 15 lbs.  Now 9 years old and about 180 lbs, Fumble (full name Ridgerun’s Fumble Recovery for a Touchdown) is Eiren’s “confidant and closest friend.” (aww!) We asked Eiren if Fumble is as grumpy as he looks. She says “in his old age, he is entirely grumpy!” He enjoys brief walks, early dinners, and sleeping all day along, but also likes a good “wiggle on his back” to stay young and silly. He has worn many costumes over the years, including lifeguard, Abe Lincoln and the Grinch, and he tolerates them for the cameras and for the sake of his mom. Eiren reports that the hardest part about capturing a photo of her dog in costume is getting him to look at the camera. It took about 20 shots to get this winning photo. Eiren’s Instagram account (@eirenm) regularly features photos of Fumble, who is becoming a bit of an Instagram star. Eiren reports that one of her Instagram followers ran up to her at a fitness conference recently and said “you’re Fumble’s mom!” Congrats Fumble, you’re famous!

First Place: Winston the English Bulldog

Winston English Bulldog Funny NoseSimple, beautiful and hilarious – our winning photo is all that and more. Winston the English bulldog wears one of those old-fashioned funny nose glasses, complete with a mustache and a pair of bushy eyebrows. We guess he is dressed as a person taking a selfie, but he could be a great Groucho Marx (minus the cigar). We love how the crisp black and white filter makes the image pop, and the New York backdrop is a perfect fit for this cool character. Finally, we love the pose – ears perked and sitting tall, with lots of signature bulldog wrinkles. Winston, you are the winner, and you look like you know it, too.

Winston is five years old and lives in New York City. When he needs a break from the hustle of city life, he visits the Hamptons and enjoys the beach. Winston shares his home with his “#stupidsistercat,” a beautiful white Persian with two different color eyes. Sister cat loves Winston, but Winston admits he is a little jealous of her youthful glow and vigor. Nonetheless, Winston enjoys a good adventure, be it at a dog-friendly espresso bar, an international film festival, on a ferry, or visiting the Apple store. You can follow all of Winston’s excursions on Instagram by following @winston_ny. Be prepared for lots of outfits, fun destinations and of course, plenty of his irresistible jowly smiles.

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