It’s the first day of April, and you know what that means – watch your back, it’s April Fools’ Day! We love following all of the fun videos and inventive pranks throughout social media, and we thought, why not pull together some of our favorite dog-themed April Fools’ jokes from the past few years? Enjoy, let us know which one is your favorite, and…oh no, Lucy has taken over our blog!

Lucy the dog orders pizza

Just kidding…here are the dog pranks!

Pets Un-Leashed from T-Mobile

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk at work wondering, “What is my dog doing right now?” Well, wireless carrier T-Mobile has the solution – with Pets Un-Leashed, you can get your dog his own smartphone and add him to your plan for $5 a month! Just be careful, you may have watch out if your dog spends too much time on “DogTube” or Pet Tinder. Check out the “un-commercial” below, and visit the Pets Un-Leashed website to see how T-Mobile is using this fun video to support the Humane Society of the United States.

Hulu Pets

This April Fools’ Day, video streaming site Hulu launched “Hulu Pets,” a new collection of shows your dog, cat, ferret or parrot will love to binge-watch all weekend. There’s “The Real Pugs of Portland,” a Real Housewives-style show where wrinkles aren’t a menace but a point of pride. Cats will be mesmerized by “Laser Pointer: The Series.” For dog foodies, there’s the cooking competition show “Bone Appetit.” And finally, our favorite new show is “The Bark” (aka “The Voice” for dogs) – see the adorable clip below. If only these shows were real!

Warby Barker

Back in 2012, online eyeglass purveyor Warby Parker built a companion site “Warby Barker” as an April Fools’ Day prank, and it went viral. The new site’s motto? “Friends don’t let friends wear unattractive eyewear — why wouldn’t you extend the same courtesy to your pet?” Hipster dogs everywhere, your dreams have come true! Check out the site (complete with hilarious photos of some very patient dog models), and watch the video below.

Zumba® for Dogs

Does your dog need to shed some winter weight? Why not try Zumba® for Dogs! You pup will love the Latin beats, fast pace and the brightly colored workout wardrobe. Of course, it might be hard to hear the instruction over all the barking. This fun parody video already has the public clamoring for Zumba for Cats. Something tells us they won’t be falling for that joke as easily as the puppies.

Unleashed by Petco’s Dog on a Stick

What’s the only thing more popular than selfies these days? Dog and cat photos, of course. Unleashed by Petco – a division of the pet store chain featuring smaller, neighborhood stores in urban and suburbans markets – capitalized on the “selfie” trend with this new one-day-only “product” that allows your pet to snap his or her own Instagram closeups and Facebook vacation photo albums. (Warning: may cause increased narcissism and permanent “duck face.”)

Did we miss any other great pet April Fools’ Day videos? Post them in the comments, or share them on our Facebook page. Enjoy the merriest, scariest, silliest day of the year!

Featured image: screenshot from “Pets Un-Leashed” video by T-Mobile.