Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day from DogWatch® Hidden Fences! Enjoy this video (above) featuring our DogWatch HQ office dogs sleeping, playing, snacking and otherwise enjoying a typical day at the office in Natick, MA. Or, if you prefer, check out our list in GIF form below!

Featured dogs include Biz the Labrador Retriever, Gizmo the Papillon, Nellie and Yeti the Australian Shepherds, Lucy 1 the Bichon Frise, Lucy 2 the Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix) and Toby the Pomeranian.

1. Everyone Has a Treat Drawer

animated GIF of treat drawer opening

2. Everyone Knows Where the Treat Drawers Are

Animated GIF of Lucy 2 getting treat

3. Everything Can Become a Dog Bed

Animated GIF of Lucy 1 sleeping on desk

4. Drool Happens

Animated GIF of Biz drooling

5. Snoring During Meetings is Acceptable

Animated GIF of sleeping Aussie puppy

6. Visitors are Greeted with Fanfare

animated GIF of dogs running through door

7. Everyone is Smiling

animated GIF of Toby the Pomeranian smiling

And as always, to learn more about what these pups’ humans do at DogWatch, visit www.dogwatch.com.