DogWatch asked for the best Halloween photos of your dog in costume, and you delivered! We received 400 entries, featuring some of the spookiest, funniest, cutest and most creative dog costumes we’ve ever seen! The DogWatch team had a blast going through all of the amazing entries and voting for our favorites. With so many fantastic candidates to choose from, it was VERY difficult to pick the winners. The votes are in, and we are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2017 DogWatch Halloween Photo Contest!

Third Place: TIE – Nika as Little Red Riding Hood and and Kira as Grandma

Kira and Nika the Huskies as Grandma & Red Riding Hood by 2husketeers via Instagram

“But grandmother, what big fur you have?!?” We loved how Husky siblings Nika and Kira brought to the life the old tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Or should we say “Little Red Husky Hood?”

Not only are their costumes on point, Nika and Kira’s expressions are hilariously perfect. Nika (Red Riding Hood) has a skeptical look and an ear poised to pick up any clues. Meanwhile, Kira (Grandma) has a sneaky grin – do we think she’s hiding something?

These two beautiful Huskies hail from Wisconsin with proud “HooMom” Katlin. Nika and Kira have amassed quite a big Instagram following thanks to their stunning photos and charming, energetic personalities. Follow them at @2husketeers to check out their latest adventures!

Third Place: TIE – Fiala as a Chia Pet on a Shelf

Fiala the mixed breed as a Chia Pet by Hannah Haven Chi Chi Chia! The over 30s out there all remember when Chia Pets were all the rage back in the 1980s. Mixed breed pup Fiala and her mom Hannah bring this passing fad to brilliant life with this impressive Halloween costume.

Fiala’s costume is super convincing but it’s the pose and backdrop that really make her picture stand out from the pack. How did Hannah manage to get Fiala to stand still up there long enough to capture this adorable pic? We’d love some of her tips.

Move over, Elf on the Shelf! Here comes Fiala the Chia-Pup on a Shelf!

Second Place: Samantha as a Cow Dog

Samantha the Biewer Terrier as a cow dog bunzabsk via Instagram One of these cows is not like the other…that’s because it’s actually Samantha the Biewer Terrier! Samantha is our first Biewer Terrier entrant, and our introduction to a beautiful new breed, which is descendant from Yorkshire Terriers. Samantha shines in this photo, with her expression that says “I’m totally pulling this off, right?” Sure thing, sweetie!

Three cheers to the herd of cows who happily played along for the photo shoot! Samantha is a regular feature on mom Bonnie’s Instagram feed, which also features several of Samantha’s furry and feathered friends who make a home at their family farm. Samantha has an adorable Maine Coon cat brother Capone, hens she enjoys chasing and some stunning horses for her to look up to.

When we spoke with Samantha’s proud mamma Bonnie, she told us that she was “glad to have shared some of the joy Samantha brings me daily.” Samantha, your photo definitely brought us a lot of joy at DogWatch HQ!

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First Place: Maizie and Riley as Woof Spiders

Maizie and Riley Woof Spiders Samantha Lynn

Maizie and Riley are this year’s first place winners! We loved everything about their photo submitted by dog mom Samantha from Michigan. From the way their elaborate furry spider legs blend into their curly terrier coat, to the cool spider web backdrop to the duo’s irresistible smiles, this photo has it all!

Congrats to Samantha, Maizie and Riley! We hope you stay spooky, sweet and smiling all year long!

Honorable Mentions

Best Dog-Person Combo

Newfoundlands Ranger and Bentley (and their human brothers) as Peanut Butter and Jelly (Photo by @newfoundlandtales via Instagram)
Ranger and Bentley as PBJ by newfoundlandtales via Instagram

Best Pose

Chef Ryder the German Shorthaired Pointer (Photo by @ryder_the_gsp via Instagram)
Chef Ryder the German Shorthaired Pointer


Delta the Border Collie as the “Guardian of the Graves.” Don’t worry, her mom Jade Beker Dodds assures us that she’s a real sweetheart out of costume!
Delta as Guardian of the Graves by Jade Beker Dodds

Best Superhero

Valor the Doodle SuperDog! (Photo by Amber Knickman)
Valor the Doodle Superhero by Amber Knickman

Best Villian

Nina the Black Lab as Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (Photo by Mary Granda)
Nina the Black Lab as Maleficent by Mary Granda

Best Rock Stars

Slash and Axl Rose from Guns ‘N Roses, aka Kingston the Peekapoo and Bailey the Shih Tzu (Photo by @officialbrothersbrown via Instagram)
Slash and Axl aka Kingston and Bailey Photo by officialbrothersbrown via Instagram

Cutest Puppies

Isabel the 2 year old Havanese with her three puppies as Candy Corn (Photo by Vicki Capps Moon)
Isabel the Havanese with her puppies by Vicki Capps Moon

Best Backdrop

Phoenix and Gryphon the Golden Retrievers as “Canineyola” Crayons (Photo by Bandb Abelew)
Phoenix and Gryphon as Canineyola Crayons by Bandb Abelew

Most Costumes

Lola B. Boston the Boston Terrier dressed up in 100 COSTUMES for her 4th Annual Halloween Costume Parade. To check them out, visit her Instagram @lola.b.bostonandfamily or her Facebook page!
A sample of Lola B. Boston's 100 Halloween Costumes

Best Cat Photo

Nelson the rescue cat as a Turkey (Photo by @theramblingchlo via Instagram)
Nelson the Cat as a Turkey by theramblingchlo via Instagram

Best Other Pets Photo

Luna the mini pig as a Watermelon and her sister Paris as a S’more (Photos by Chelsey Hauston)
Luna the mini pig as a Watermelon by Chelsey Hauston

Paris the mini pig as a S'more by Chelsey Hauston

We’d like to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this year’s DogWatch Halloween Photo Contest! And if you don’t already, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@dogwatchfence) to see the rest of the Halloween photo contest entries!