DogWatch asked for the best Halloween photos of your pets in costume, and you delivered! We received nearly 200 entries this year, and were thoroughly delighted by all of the spooky, silly, super-cute and fantastically creative costumes on display. And we want to give a special salute to all of the pets who patiently posed for the photos – these good boys and girls have definitely earned some yummy treats and belly rubs!

As usual, the DogWatch team had a VERY hard time choosing a winner. After lots of deliberation (and many laughs), we are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2022 DogWatch® How-O-Ween Costume Contest!

THIRD PLACE (TIE): Neptune the Golden Retriever puppy as a Pup-stachio Shamrock Shake

Neptune the golden puppy dressed as a pupstachio shamrock shake

Photo by Bonnie and Beth Abelew (@magicgolddogs on Instagram)

THIRD PLACE (TIE): Charlie the Frenchie as a Goldfish

Charlie the French Bulldog as a goldfish

Photo by @pardonmy2frenchies on Instagram

SECOND PLACE: French Bulldogs Phoenix & Syre as Gladiators

French bulldogs dressed a gladiators

Photo by @weeweefrenchie on Instagram

FIRST PLACE: JoJo the Chug (Chihuahua-Pug) as a Monkey

JoJo the chihuahua-pug mix as a monkey

Photo by Susan Butler



In addition to our top four winners, we also wanted to give a shout out to some of other favorites this year! Here are our 2022 Honorable Mentions:

This impressive group of very good puppers (and one patient kitten)! (Photo by Emily Hampden-Smith)

group of dogs dressed up for Halloween

It’s Mario Kart time with Divot the Toadstool! (Photo by Jodi Sayben)

MarioKart dog

It’s a pirate’s life for Dani! (Photo by Sam Cajun)

Dani the chocolate lab dressed as a pirate

Quincy the Rottweiler’s haunted house costume is both super creative and super cute! (Photo by Sherry Nichols)

Quincy the Rottweiler as a haunted house

Heidi the gnome and her mushroom crop (Photo by @heidis.wildlife on Instagram)

Heidi the maltese as a gnome

Bella the German Shepherd-Pit Bull mix is getting into the Christmas spirit a few months early with this fabulous Sleigh costume. (Photo by Trish Fife)

Bella the German shepherd-Pit Bull mix as Santa's Sleigh