Wondering which dog names are trending for 2024? We’ve dug into our data and discovered which dog names were the most popular among new DogWatch customers in the US and Canada from this past year. Check out our list below!

Top 10 Dog Names of DogWatch® Customers in 2024 – Female

  1. Bella
  2. Lucy
  3. Luna
  4. Sadie
  5. Bailey
  6. Molly
  7. Daisy
  8. Coco
  9. Stella
  10. Ellie

For the seventh year in a row, Bella claimed the top spot on the list. There’s no stopping those “beautiful” pups! And after just missing out of the top 10 last year, Stella is back in the top ten at spot number 9.

Bella German shepherd mix

Bella, a German shepherd mix and customer of DogWatch of Upstate NY


Top 10 Dog Names of DogWatch® Customers in 2024 – Male

  1. Charlie
  2. Max
  3. Buddy
  4. Tucker
  5. Bear
  6. Cooper
  7. Oliver
  8. Finn
  9. Murphy
  10. Teddy

Charlie is back on top for the sixth year in a row, cementing its status as a classic. 2024’s biggest leap was Murphy (#9), which cracked our top ten for the first time.

Two dogs named Charlie and Murphy

Charlie, a Bernedoodle and customer of Stateline DogWatch


We also wanted to highlight some of the more unique and memorable names we came across this year. Check ’em out!

Top 20 Unique names of DogWatch® customers in 2024

  1. Mr. Chuggles
  2. D-O-G
  3. Squish
  4. Doc Holliday
  5. Oolong
  6. Eclipse
  7. Fizzgig
  8. Clairabelle
  9. Crunchy
  10. Mimosa
  11. Riptide
  12. Kibbles
  13. Topanga
  14. Cayenne
  15. Galaxy
  16. Kaboom
  17. Nibbles
  18. Sconsin
  19. Sponge
  20. Brisket
Clairabelle and Doc Holliday

Clairabelle, a Carolina street dog and customer of DogWatch by Billone Fence


What’s your dog’s name, and the story behind it? We’d love to hear from you! Share your reactions to the list and your dog name stories on our Facebook page. We may include your story and photo in a future blog post!