Pet Month

dog looking at beer

Alcohol And Your Dog: How To Keep Them Safe

Holidays are a time of gatherings that often include good times, good food, and adult beverages. However, those adult beverages can be downright dangerous to your four-legged family members. 

Whether it’s the alcohol or sugar content, ingestion can put your pet in immediate danger or cause long-term damage. Here’s how to keep your pet safe during festivities and what to watch for if they get into something they shouldn’t.

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Cat by candle, pet fire safety

Fire Safety: 3 Easy Ways You Can Help Protect Your Pets

Every year, in the United States alone, over 500,000 pets experience house fires, and 40,000 of those pets tragically lose their lives, mostly from complications due to smoke inhalation. In general, pet owners do not like to think about their four-legged family members experiencing an event such as a fire, but they must prepare in the event one happens.


Here are THREE easy ways pet owners can help protect their pets from a potential house fire with preparation and prevention.  

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3 dogs wearing the BigLeash Remote Trainer by DogWatch

How to Celebrate April with Your Canine Buddy

It’s almost time to celebrate National Pets Day (April 11)!

April 20 to April 26 is National Pet ID Week. If you haven’t microchipped your dog, this is a good time to reconsider. Most vets can insert the microchip that will assure you of being reunited with your pet should you ever be separated. For more information on this form of pet ID visit the ASPCA website.
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