Cats & Dogs: Enemies or Best Friends?

In honor of the new film Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, opening this weekend in theaters across the country, DogTails is tackling the fascinating relationship between America’s most popular pets. In honor of this love-hate relationship, we have compiled the following tips to help all the brave animal lovers who share their homes with a dog and a cat. Follow these tips, and you can help keep the peace between your two furry best friends.

Dog Days of Summer Reading List

While our individual tastes in books may differ, the DogWatch Hidden Fence team loves good beach reads, especially those that feature our favorite subject – dogs! So for this week, we are sharing with you our favorite dog-themed books.

Doggy Paddle: Pool and Beach Safety Tips for Dogs

DogWatch Hidden Fences has compiled another batch of summer tips, this time focusing on water safety for dogs. While the issue of water safety for dogs is very serious, we know that with careful planning, training and attention, you and your dog can stay cool and have a blast this summer. Let’s start with the basics…

You Got A New Puppy–Now What?

By now you might be asking yourself the question many new dog owners ask in the first few weeks—Did the puppy come with a manual? And, you might be wondering if everyone in the family is helping out the way they promised, when they begged, “Please!”

There’s nothing quite like puppy love or the family dog. That being said—new puppies require cooperation, and having everyone on the same page.