making dog treatsIs your dog tired of the same old treats? Do you want to give him or her something special to commemorate a birthday, celebrate an obedience class graduation or just to make them smile?   If so, then try out some of these yummy homemade dog treats!

In this installment of Dog Tails’ Dog Treats, we have collected the best recipes from some of our favorite dog blog and websites.  From Martha Stewart’s beautiful hand-molded paw cookies to treats with healthy fall ingredients like pumpkin, we’ve got enough to keep you pup’s tail waggin’ till winter.

Snickerpoodles, from Beautiful Life Photography

These irresistible cookies, made with simple and inexpensive ingredients like oatmeal, cinnamon and applesauce, proved to be a big treat not only for this family’s dog, but also for the kids!  As you can see in the stunning photos that accompany this recipe, everyone pitched in to help.  Plus, you can mold these cookies into whatever shape you want.  Dog bones, stars, paws, squirrels – the possibilities are endless!

For the complete recipe, click here.

Paw Print Dog Treats, from Martha Stewart

The design diva, and avowed animal lover, included this adorable dog treat recipe in her popular magazine’s March 2010 issue.  As to be expected, it is slightly more complicated than the previous recipe, but still simple enough for the kids to help out with measuring and mixing.

The best part of the recipe is the signature “Paw Print.”  Once the round treats are cut out and placed on the baking sheet, the next step is to press your thumb in the middle of the circle and your pinkie finger around that thumb print, creating a paw-shaped imprint. Adorable!  Add in the coating of low-sodium chicken broth (a dog favorite) and you’ve got a perfectly irresistible treat.

For the complete recipe, click here.

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats, recommended by Mom Central

Fall means pumpkin season!  Luckily, this tasty ingredient is a healthy addition to your dog’s diet, and contains vitamins and fiber.  There are lots of recipes out there featuring this signature ingredient.  Our favorite is this recipe, recommended by Mom Central’s Green blog. Most of the ingredients used are probably already in your kitchen, so it is not only healthy but inexpensive, too!  (Note: if you use canned pumpkin, be sure to buy pure mashed pumpkin, and not pumpkin pie filling, which contains spices that are not suitable for dogs.)

For the complete recipe, click here.

Do you have any homemade recipes of your own to share with the DogWatch community?  If so, we’d love to see them!  Post on this blog or our Facebook page.  Happy cooking, and to your lucky dog, enjoy these special treats!

Photo by Rachel Tayse via Flickr.