Now that May is here and the weather’s getting warmer, both we and our four-legged friends are out and about far more often, which also means we’re away from our primary source of information: our computers. However, with today’s technology, no computer is no problem! Here are some helpful apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android that will make sure that out of the house doesn’t mean out of touch.

Pet First AidPet First Aid

None of us want to think about our pet being injured or having a medical emergency, but unfortunately, it does happen. The Pet First Aid app aims to help in these situations. It provides videos, articles, and illustrations on first aid and triage for common medical emergencies for both cats and dogs, and covers everything from cuts and bee stings to CPR and bandaging. The iOS version also allows you to record your pet’s vital medical information and veterinary info so you’re always on top of his medical needs. $3.99 for iOS; $2.99 for Android (Android version only contains First Aid information; updates are expected which will allow the ability to track medical stats)

Dog Park Finder PlusDog Park Finder Plus

With listings of over 6,000 dog-friendly parks and beaches and 12,000 dog-friendly restaurants across the U.S., no matter where you travel, this app will make sure you don’t need to leave your dog behind. Dog Park Finder Plus includes map markers and extensive details such as park hours, fencing info, small dog areas, restroom availability, park fees, park size, park photos, park star ratings, and more. Also features advanced search functionality. $1.99 for iOS; not yet available for Android

Fido FactorFidoFactor

Another app to help you find the dog-friendly spots in your neighborhood, Fido Factor lists local dog parks and dog-friendly restaurants, bars, pet stores, hotels, and more. The app includes directions, hours and contact information in its user-generated database, as well as user reviews. FREE for iOS; not available yet for Android, but Android users can access the online database via their web browser at

Pet MasterPet Master

A easy way to store and remember of all your pet’s important medical and veterinary information. Keep track of veterinary appointments, meds, and shots (and be reminded of them in advance), log your pet’s daily activities, and more. Limited version FREE on iOS and Android; paid version also available with additional features.



Want to keep track of you and your dog’s exercise? Petometer is the answer. This app can track how far and how long you’ve walked using your phone’s GPS and Google Maps, keep a history of all your walks to track your progress, and even sync with your phone’s calendar and remind you when it’s time for your next walk. It also offers a list of recommended exercises for you and your dog. You can add up to six different dog’s profiles and pictures, and share your activities via customized Facebook posts. FREE for iOS and Android

Pet AcousticsPet Acoustics

Just as music can be relaxing for us, it can also relax our pets. The Pet Acoustics app provides calming music for your pet that is custom-created for animals’ unique hearing sensitivities in terms of frequency, volume, and rhythm. A great tool for rest time, separation anxiety, thunderstorm nervousness, car travel, veterinary visits, walks, grooming, puppy and kitten training, or for quiet time. Tracks available for dogs, cats, and horses. $1.99 for iOS; not yet available for Android, but albums are available to download at


We all love taking pictures of our pets, but how frustrating is it when we can’t get them to stop and look at the camera? The PetSnap app aims to help with this by offering 32 different sounds to instantly get your pet’s attention and get him to look right into the camera. $1.99 for iOS