Some dogs have something to say, and they’re not going to let silly things like the inability to “speak” or lack of opposable thumbs keep them from doing it. These pups have taken the Internet by storm, regaling their followers with humorous stories, tales of their days, and photos that just make you say “Aw!” They are the digital dogs, and these are some of our favorites.

Bo Hoefinger

Author of and the book “Bad to the Bone: Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger,” Bo blogs on everything from cats to health issues to products to politics. He even runs his own advice column where troubled dogs can write in with their questions and get Bo’s sage advice. Often irreverent and always humorous, Bo’s blog is a must-read.

The Vick Dogs

The Vick Dog Blog is “authored” by pit bulls that survived life with Michael Vick and the system. They post pictures of themselves with cute captions and updates on their lives and progress. It’s a heartwarming site that shows the resiliency of the canine spirit.

Pebbles the Puppy

A Westie from across the pond, Pebbles brings her take on the pastoral parts of England. Frequently posting photos of her travels and escapades, Pebbles’ blog may make you want to dust off your passport and hop on a plane with your pup to see these beautiful sights firsthand!

Mr. B

Another Brit, and author of A View from the Furry Side, Mr. B loves to post photos of himself with brief (and often insightful) captions. Make sure to check out his Dog Psalms, where he endeavors to enlighten us humans on a dog’s view of nature.


Alfie’s Blog: A Mountain Dog’s View of the World is written by Alfie, a handsome Entlebucher Mountain Dog living in London. (Seems like British dogs are natural-born bloggers!) His is another picture-laden blog, with the added bonus of having such neat categories as Mischief Monday, Wordless Wednesday, and Friday Foto Fun. Enjoy Alfie’s adventures and his great “smile!”


Nope, not the Peanuts™ character; this Snoopy is a bearded collie from California who is also a therapy dog. The only thing that competes with his mission to help people is his mission to get into as much mischief as possible. Snoopy updates frequently, so check back often to see what hijinks he’s has been up to!


Or as he refers to himself, Dog with Blog. Jay is a Border Collie living in Wales, UK with his housemate Ellie (McSmelly) and his owner. He’s got a bit of an attitude, which makes for some amusing reading, especially when he describes his troubles with Ellie and his life-long nemeses: birds. Keep an eye out for Jay’s amusing captioned photos; they’ll definitely give you a chuckle.


An English bulldog with over 36,000 followers, Tank is a Facebook favorite. He frequently posts pictures and videos with anecdotes from his adventures. While not as verbose as some of his counterparts, he more than makes up for it with his wrinkly, floppy-jowled, adorable bulldog face!

And last but certainly not least:


Facebook sensation Boo is a Pomeranian and perceived by many as “the word’s cutest dog.” Boo’s precious haircut, propensity for cute outfits, and adorable smile has gained him over 4 million fans, as well as numerous endorsements, including a stuffed animal, a calendar, and a book. He’s even been on TV! Check out his page and be prepared to melt at the sheer cuteness that is Boo.

Many of the dogs who blog are also on Facebook and Twitter. Check out their blogs for links to their social media pages!

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