Like the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of year,” right? While there is a lot of love about the holiday season, it can also be stressful, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift. DogWatch is here to help with our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Part One of our guide is a list of fun, fluffy and fabulous ideas for the special dog (or cat) in your life. He gives you kisses and cuddles all year for free – why not return the favor?

Pet Crate End TablePet Crate End Table
Your dog may love her cozy crate, but chances are you find it a bit of an eyesore in the home. Or perhaps you just don’t have room for it, and are constantly shuffling the crate around when company arrives. Why not try a crate that doubles as an attractive end table? Your dog will love being close to you, and you’ll love how well her home blends in to your beautiful den. This crate comes in small and large sizes. (Note: this crate may not be a good fit for puppies who love to chew. Think of it as a graduation present for dogs who’ve learned their good manners!) Small $95, Large $142.50, Available at Brookstone.

Nina Ottosson DogTrubble Wood Puzzle Toy
Swedish designer Nina Ottosson began making puzzle toys for her two Bouvier des Flanders when she found it hard to find the time to play with them and also take care of her two young children. She created toys that kept them active and stimulated their brains as well as their bodies. Nina’s toys are a great way to keep dogs challenged and entertained, and helps them focus their energy away from more destructive “games” like shredding beds and chewing shoes. This puzzle requires the dog to move several blocks around a bendy track with only one opening. Once the dog finds the opening, the block can be lifted off, uncovering the hidden treats! This toy is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes, and is also great for cats! $41, Available at

Molly Mutt Dog Bed DuvetMolly Mutt Dog Bed Duvets
Is your pup’s bed looking stiff, dirty or threadbare? Why not try a bed that is comfy, economical AND eco-friendly? Molly Mutt Dog Duvets are designed to be comfortable, stylish and easy to keep clean. Start with the DIY Kit, which comes with two duvet covers (choose from a variety of fun designs) and a “stuff sack.” Simply fill the stuff sack with old clothes, towels and linens, insert the filled stuff sack into the duvet cover and you’ll have a comfy bed that your dog will love. Why? Because those old clothes smell like you, their favorite buddy. The beds come in various sizes and, yes, cats will love them too. DIY Kit with 2 Duvet Covers $50, Available at

Designer Floating Dog BowlsDesigner Floating Cat or Small Dog Bowls
Sick of the same old pet bowls with silly fonts and paw prints? Keep it simple with this sleek, handsome, handmade bowl set we found on Etsy. Designed to give bowls a “floating” look, this set features natural stained pine and birch with a high gloss finish and ceramic (dishwasher safe) bowls. It’s clean look that is both modern and timeless. The bowls are a perfect fit for a sleek, modern home, but would also look great in a rustic kitchen. Click here to see more bowls, dog toy bins, and other designs from the artist, who hails from from Marion, IA. Note: these bowls each hold roughly one cup, so they are better suited for small dogs and cats. $27, Available at Etsy.

BigLeash V-10 Vibration Trainer from DogWatchBigLeash® V-10 Vibration Trainer from DogWatch
Rather than toot our own horn, let’s let Mike S. from Columbus, OH tell you why the BigLeash makes a great gift. “My dog is excited when she sees the BigLeash collar and loves to have the collar on because it means she is going to have fun!” The newest addition to the DogWatch family of products, the BigLeash V-10 Vibration Trainer offers 10 vibration levels plus an audible signal that can be used effectively for training and communicating with your dog, especially when he is too distracted or too far way to hear your verbal command. The vibration signal is also a great way to communicate with dogs who are hearing impaired. $159, Available at

Action camera dog harnessAction Camera Dog Harness
Ever seen a cool YouTube video that features a “dog’s point of view” of the dog park or hiking trail and thought, “That would be fun to do on our own!” The Action Camera Dog Harness from Orvis® can help you do that. Strap on the harness, attach your GoPro® camera to it, and bring out your dog’s inner Spielberg. Sure, those mountain biking videos you filmed last year are cool, but Max the Lab’s video of his weekend run at the pond will be even better. The harness comes in four sizes, so there’s one for every dog, from a Yorkie to a Mastiff. Note: the camera is NOT included, so you’ll have to ask Santa for that one. Also, don’t leave it on the ground, unless you want your camera to be stolen by a squirrel and stuck in tree. All sizes $39, Available at Orvis.

Houndz in the 'Hood Fleece BodysuitHoundz in the ‘Hood Breed-Specific Dog Fleece
DogWatch dog Lucy, shown at left, swears by her dog fleece bodysuit to help keep her warm during the cold New England winter. The four-legged outfit is made by New York-based Houndz in the ‘Hood, which makes these bodysuits, sweaters and other cozy apparel specifically for short coated breeds like Greyhounds, Whippets, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Pugs and more. Not only are they arranged by breed, they are also available in different sizes, so you can compare measurements and order the best fitting clothes for your pup. The fleece bodysuits come in indoor and heavy-duty outdoor varieties, and in a range of colors and even some striking plaid prints. Just be warned: you will get a lot of attention when your pup sports these custom threads on her daily walk! $38-$80, prices vary by breed, Available at

You may have seen videos of this device on blogs and YouTube this year – it’s one of the hottest new dog toys out there! Created and sold by a family-run business in Austin, TX, the iFetch started with an idea that then-teenager Grant Hamill had when he struggled to finish his homework one day. The family poodle, Prancer, wanted to keep playing fetch, but Grant had to focus on schoolwork. What if there was a device that the dog could use to keep playing fetch on his own for as long as he wants? The iFetch is just that toy! The iFetch website has a fun training tips page that shows how the product works and how to train your fetch-obsessed pup to use it. We bet Prancer is pretty proud of his buddy’s awesome new invention! Note: the iFetch uses custom small tennis balls, so don’t try to use the ones you have at home. iFetch plus 3 tennis balls $99.95, 5 extra tennis balls $10 Available at iFetch.

Custom Dog TagsCustom Dog Tags from critterbling
Your dog is special, right? Then why does he sport the same old bone-shaped dog ID tag? Another Etsy find, these handmade, custom dog ID tags are fun and useful, featuring a cute message on one side and a name and phone number on the other. Our favorite is “have your people call my people,” which comes in copper and four other metals. Other quirky messages include “Squirrel Patrol” and “Keep calm and call my mom.” The designer, based in Florida, makes each piece to order, carefully stamping each letter or number, then tumbling the tag for several hours to polish, and finally finishing it by hand polishing. Custom doggie bling – perfect for your pampered pooch! $12-$14, prices vary by choice of metal, Available at Etsy.

EZYDog Summit BackpackEZYDog Summit Dog Backpack
Here’s a gift for the nature-loving dog and his two-legged hiking companion. The EZYDog Summit Backpack is comfortable and secure, and allows your dog to carry his own supplies (bowls, food, toys, bags, etc.) just like his people. Now you’ll be able to take longer walks, and there’s even a strap to hold his leash when it’s time for some untethered running. (Hint: our BigLeash Remote or Vibration Trainer is great for off-leash walks!) The backpack is also great for service animals. It comes in red and black (shown at left) and black and charcoal. Here’s to a year of happy hiking! $57-$85, prices vary by size, Available at

Click to find out more about our suggestions, and feel free to add your own gift ideas in the comments! And check back in to DogTails next week – Part Two of our Holiday Gift Guide features gifts for all the dog lovers in your life. Happy Shopping!