Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, and we can’t wait for the big game to start! By now, you’ve probably decided where you’ll watch the event, what delicious munchies you’ll prepare, and which team you’ll be cheering on. But what about your dog? How will he or she participate in the big day? The DogWatch team has some fun ideas for incorporating your best friend into the year’s biggest sports spectacle.

Dress the Part – On Sunday, many loyal fans will be sporting their best Seahawks’ green and blue or Patriots’ red, white and blue. Why not let your dog show his team spirit, too? It can’t hurt your team’s chances, and it will certainly bring a smile to the face of all your guests. Of course, before debuting the look, make sure your dog is comfortable in his jersey or her cheerleader outfit. If he or she prefers a subtler statement, stick with a colorful bandanna or collar. Be creative, have fun and be sure to capture it all on camera, like this video of Munchkin the Shih Tzu!

Make Your Own Doggie Snacks – Super Bowl parties are notorious for delicious food, most of which is not suitable for dogs. Keep your dog away from the wings, guacamole and brownies by preparing treats just for her! We found these fun recipes for Super Bowl-themed treats, include mini football cookies and “Puptato Skins”- why not try it out this weekend?

Shiba Inu playing with a footballHalf Time is Play Time – Despite its many charms, the Super Bowl is still a very long TV event. Why not take a quick break from the couch during half time? If the weather is nice, take your dog for walk or practice your spiral in the backyard with a game of fetch (deflated toy footballs are optional). If the weather does not cooperate (or you’re still shoveling your way out of this week’s big storm in the Northeast), bring out the dog toys or try some fun indoor games to get the whole party involved. Your dog will love the attention and activity, and you’ll have a chance to burn off some of those tasty Super Bowl treats.

Watch the Puppy Bowl – One of our favorite Super Bowl traditions actually takes place before the game. At 3PM on Sunday, Animal Planet airs Puppy Bowl XI. Quite possibly the most adorable television program of the year, the Puppy Bowl places pups of different breeds into a mini football field and lets them play as only puppies can. It’s irresistible, and it’s for a good cause, too. All of the puppies are rescue dogs, and their great spirit will no doubt inspire more people to adopt a dog in need. Even Patriots and Seahawks fans will agree that the Puppy Bowl is a great show!

Have fun this Sunday, and may the best team win!

The Patriots dog is our own DogWatch office dog Nellie, an Australian Shepherd. She loves the Pats and would love to meet Tom Brady’s Pit Bull Lua. The Seahawks dog is Perry, a mixed-breed rescue dog from Woodinville, WA and a new DogWatch Hidden Fence customer. DogWatch of Puget Sound Dealer David Van Kirk says Perry is a “a Hawks fan, for sure…12th dog!”

Photo Credit, Bottom: “taro and his big red squeaky football 3” by Taro the Shiba Inu is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Photo has been cropped.