Spring is around the corner, but unfortunately, nobody told winter. The bitterly cold and very snowy winter of 2015 shows no signs of lessening it’s icy grip in many parts of the country. As a result, we interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging to bring you a list of cold weather-themed blog posts to help you prepare for and make the best of the rest of winter. Stay warm out there, and don’t worry, spring is indeed coming…one of these days!

DogWatch dog in snow5 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Dogs
DogWatch’s hometown of Natick, MA has seen almost 100 inches of snow accumulation this winter. If you also experience frigid temps where you live, it’s important to make sure your dog is prepared. To help, DogWatch has put together a list of 5 cold weather safety tips for dog owners, including protecting your dog’s vulnerable paws and adding indoor playtime to make up for shorter outdoor walks.

Remi the Puggle wrapped in a blanketSnowed In? Try These 7 Indoor Games for Dogs!
Speaking of indoor playtime, our dogs have had a lot of it this January and February! Is your dog bored with his old toys? Are you sick of fetch and running out of other ideas? Then you’re in luck! Check out these 7 fun indoor games to play with your dog, nearly all of which you can play with items you already have lying around at home. Ready, set, PLAY!

dog pawDog Paw Care 101
A dog’s paws are particularly sensitive to cold weather, as well as the salt and other de-icers that are spread all over the roads and sidewalks after its snows. This blog post is all about keeping those paws healthy, so he can run, dig, shake, slide and jump safely and comfortably all year ’round!

two sled dogsSled Dogs: A Study in Endurance, Fidelity, and Intelligence
While many dogs blanch at the prospect of a long trek in the ice and snow, there’s one category of dogs that approaches it with sheer, unbridled eagerness and joy: sled dogs. Learn more about the history of dog sledding – both as a form of transport and sport – and the remarkable dogs who perform the job, even in extreme conditions. You’ll even learn the origin of the word “mush”!

Golden Retriever puppy in the snowBONUS: The Cure for the Winter Blues
So you’re sick and tired of shoveling your driveway, your walkway, your porch, your roof…basically, you’re done with snow. Not so fast. Have you seen this video of a Golden Retriever puppy experiencing his first snow? Click here for an instant pick-me-up – it’s basically coffee for your winter-weary soul. Thanks puppy for helping us all see the joy in this chilly, messy and often stressful season.