It’s that time of year again! The DogWatch Annual Holiday Gift Guide is back, and ready to make the pets in your life (and people who love them) jump for joy. Part One of our guide is a list of 10 creative, fun and fabulous gift ideas for your pet. Forget naughty and nice, they all deserve a special treat, don’t they?

Leopard Slipper Toy from Harry BarkerLeopard Slipper Toy from Harry Barker

Got a pair of brand new pair of fancy slippers under the tree? Protect them and treat your dog at the same time with this cute leopard slipper toy from Harry Barker. Let your pup indulge her love of shoes without destroying yours in the process! The printed design is super-stylish, and the filling is made from recycled plastic bottles, so it’s green, too. Because we all deserve that great pair of shoes, right? Small $12, Large $14, Available from Harry Barker.

Orbee-Tuff® Produce Toys from Planet DogOrbee-Tuff® Produce Toys from Planet Dog

Is your dog a chow-hound? Channel all that treat-seeking energy into these fantastically cute and super durable “Produce” toys from Planet Dog! Part of their popular (and eco-friendly) “Orbee-Tuff” line of dog toys, these bright toys are fun and functional, featuring a “Treat-Spot” perfect to hide a bit of your dog’s favorite snacks inside. The brilliant red Raspberry is perfect for small dogs, medium dogs will love the bright green Artichoke, while the purple Eggplant is big enough for your large and in charge breeds. Pick up one, and your dog will be sure to get his full serving of fun! From $7.45 to $16.45 each, Available from Planet Dog.

The SideWalker Leash Trainer by DogWatchThe SideWalker® Leash Trainer from DogWatch

We’re excited about our newest DogWatch Training Product, the SideWalker Leash Trainer, and we think you and your dog will be excited, too! Lots of dogs pull on the leash, and it makes walking them a stressful experience. The SideWalker’s easy-to-use, “self-teaching” design gently corrects overly enthusiastic leash pulling and helps your dog learn appropriate on-leash behavior. Instead of dreading your next walk, you’ll be looking forward to it. And more walks means more time for your dog to explore, exercise and enjoy time with his best bud. Available from your local DogWatch Dealer today!


Wool Blanket by Faribault and Lucy & Co.Wool Blanket by Faribault and Lucy & Co.

Soft, warm, beautiful, durable, eco-friendly and portable – these blankets are perfect for dogs on the go. Bring this wool blanket with you in the car, to the office, to grandma’s house, anywhere, and let your pup rest easy and comfortably. A collaboration between online pet shop Lucy & Co. and Faribault Woolen Mill in Faribault, Minnesota, these blankets are made from recycled wool in a mill that’s been in business for 150 years. Continue the tradition this holiday season with a special present for your pup. Small $30, Medium $40, Large $45, Available in gray with a choice of three border colors (blue, red and pink) from Lucy & Co.

3-Pack Surf & Turf Jerky Treats from Polka Dog Bakery 3-Pack Surf & Turf Jerky Treats from Polka Dog Bakery

Polka Dog Bakery, based in DogWatch’s home state of Massachusetts, is known for their tasty dog treats, handmade from local ingredients in their South Boston kitchen. Now, thanks to their online store, you can have these delicious morsels sent to your home just in time for the holidays! Our dogs love Polka Dog’s jerky treats, and we bet your pup will love them, too. Try out this “surf and turf” multi-pack, with includes chicken breast strips, haddock skins and cod skins. $39.99, Available at

P.L.A.Y.’s Snuggle Dog (or Cat) BedP.L.A.Y.’s Snuggle Dog (or Cat) Bed

Your snuggle bug will be comfy and cosy in this plush, versatile pet bed from P.L.A.Y. The Snuggle Bed is perfect for the dog or cat who loves to burrow under the blanket on those cold winter nights. Available in three colors, this convertible bed can be laid flat like a blanket, rolled into a basket or left open to form a little pet cave. It even fits dogs up to 50 lbs! P.L.A.Y.’s Snuggle Bed is also machine washable and made with sustainable, durable materials, so it’s built to last for many seasons to come. Small $55, Large $75, and Extra-Large $109, Available at

Pet “Ugly Sweaters” from TargetPet “Ugly Sweaters” from Target

Got an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party to go to this year? Let your dog join in on the fun with one of these options, including the Candy Cane Sweater, Reindeer Pet Pajamas, and our favorite, the Xmas Tree Sweater. Sure, it’s embarrassing, but just think of all the treats and attention she’ll get wearing it! That’ll more than make up for a few Facebook photos, right? $7, Available at Target stores or online at

Chalkboard Ceramic Dog Bowl and Treat Jar from WaggoChalkboard Ceramic Dog Bowl and Treat Jar from Waggo

Does you dog have a lot of nicknames? Ours do. Now you can customize your dog’s bowl each day to fit his many cute monikers. We love this hand-dipped ceramic and chalkboard dog bowl from Waggo, and its matching treat jar. In addition to your pet’s name, you can customize the bowls for each dog in the household, write the “menu” for special occasions or keep track of which treats are which. The possibilities are endless. Just don’t take too long, ’cause Fido’s hungry! Bowl $22, Treat Jar $32, Available from Waggo.

Dog Bow Ties from Scotch & HoundDog Bow Ties from Scotch & Hound

For that gentleman dog in your life, there’s Scotch & Hound. The online dog boutique specializes in classic, classy dog accessories like leashes and collars, but we have to say, the bow ties are our favorite, paws down. Handcrafted in England, these beautiful pieces come in tweed or linen, and in a variety of colors. The red-hued Cranberry Organic Ticking Bow Tie and Hoxton Harris Tweed Bow Tie are perfect for the holiday season. Your dog will look so good wearing one of these at your holiday party, his suave style will be sure to reflect well on you, too. Anyone spot a mistletoe? Organic Ticking Linen $24, Tweed $35 (matching collar sold separately), Available at Scotch & Hound.

Metal Buckle Firefighter Dog Collar from EtsyMetal Buckle Firefighter Dog Collar from Etsy

Tough dogs deserve a collar that is equal to their strong spirits. How about a one-of-a-kind collar made from recycled firefighter gear? These metal buckle firefighter dog collars are handcrafted by Rekindled Pride, an Olympia, Washington-based business started by former firefighter Mandy Jacques. Rekindled Pride’s mission is “to blend recycling and philanthropy with the proud traditions of the fire service.” These collars are made from materials that “have been worn through all types of emergencies; they have also witnessed lives changed and lives saved.” These collars are fit for a hero, so they’re a perfect present for your very own canine hero. Small, Medium and Large sizes all $28, Available from Etsy.

Click on the images above to find out more about our suggestions, and feel free to add your own gift ideas in the comments! And check Dog Tails next week for Part Two of our Holiday Gift Guide featuring gifts to delight the dog-crazy people in your life. Happy Shopping!