Looking to shake up your regular routine and try a new activity with you pup? We’ve rounded up 7 fun games you can play with your dog. Whether your day is a rainy or sunny, you’ll be sure to find the perfect activity to celebrate this special day with you furry friend.

1. Bubbles!

Got some bubbles and wands lying around? If your dog is anything like Stella the yellow Lab, she’ll love to chase them all around your yard!

Just remember, don’t leave bubbles lying around in an open container – you don’t want your pup drinking up the whole soapy mixture and getting an upset stomach. If you’re more of a D-I-Y dog parent, you can try this recipe for homemade, all-natural bubbles from The Honest Company’s blog. Let the bubble party begin!

2. Name That Toy

Need some help getting the basics of fetch down first? Check out this video from Chewy!

Looking for a new challenge for your whip-smart dog? Teach him how to fetch his favorite toys by name.

To begin, pick two of your dog’s favorite toys. Say the name of one of the toys (for example, “bird”) and then throw it for him to fetch. After a few turns, switch to the other toy, saying it’s name (for example, “pumpkin”) each time you throw it. Once your dog has had some practice with these names, place both toys on the ground and ask him to fetch “bird” or “pumpkin.” If he brings you the correct toy, praise him with enthusiasm and maybe a small treat. Pretty soon, you’ll have a new game to keep his mind and body active, and you’ll be able to impress your friends with your dog’s new vocabulary!

3. Homemade Agility Course

So your dog loved the agility course at puppy class, but you haven’t had the chance to go back and try again. Why not build your own outdoor agility course? Teaching your dog to maneuver over jumps, into tunnels, up and down A-Frames, around poles and more is a great way to challenge his or her mind and body, as well as forge an even greater bond between the two of you.

Video blogger Laura of The DogBlog built her own agility course for her two dogs Lucy and Zac. Here’s her video showing how she made her own dog jumps.

Be creative – use old kids toys or exercise equipment to build your own tunnels, bridges and obstacles. The possibilities are endless!

4. Red Light, Green Light

Remember that old schoolyard game “Red Light, Green Light”? With a few tweaks, this game can be a fun way to work with your dog on the very important “come” and “stay” commands. Instead of a saying “red light” to stop and “green light” to go, tell your dog (and your human players) to “stay” and “come.” Don’t forget the treats for a job well done.

Who knows, your dog may be a secret stealth master, like Finnegan here!

5. Indoor Ball Pit

Not every summer day is perfectly sunny. For those rainy days, entertain your dog (and yourself) with this D-I-Y ball pit! All you need are some boxes and a bunch of plastic balls (big enough so your pup won’t swallow them). Set them up in the corner of the room, throw some treats or an extra ball in there, and watch her leap, roll and fetch to her heart’s content.

6. Muffin Tin Game

Make your own food puzzle toy using things you already have in your house! Grab a clean muffin tin and place some of your dog’s kibble or treats in a few slots. Place tennis balls on top of each slot, and place the tin on the floor in front of your dog. Watch as they sniff and search for the goodies!

7. Treat Hunt

An outdoor doggie treat hunt is the perfect game for the whole family to play. While the dog is inside and distracted by one person, the rest of the family hides your dog’s favorite treats in various places around the yard. You can hide the treats in Easter eggs or KONG toys to make it even more challenging for your dog. Then let the dog loose to hunt down every last one!

If your dog loves this game, then you can try more scent games or even sign him or her up for a scent training class!

Happy Leap Day, and we hope you all have a wonderful Spring!