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dogs sitting at table, Turkey Day Safety!: How To Include Your Pets In Your Holiday Celebrations

Turkey Day Safety!: How To Include Your Pets In Your Holiday Celebrations

Thanksgiving is one of the oldest traditions in the United States. This celebration serves as an opportunity to give thanks for family, friends, and food. With guests arriving, the kitchen busy with preparation and cooking, travel plans being made, or your home being rearranged for Thursday’s big meal, it can be easy for your pets to get lost in the shuffle.

However, you should consider your four-legged family member’s safety during the holiday weekend. Here’s what they should and shouldn’t be eating, how to make spending the holiday away from home easier for them, and how to help them feel more comfortable when your home becomes the center of holiday festivities!

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senior dog, How To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: Yes, It's Possible

How To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: Yes, It’s Possible

The adage goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. However, the proverb refers more to people who are stuck in their ways rather than your actual canine’s cognitive abilities. Dogs are creatures of habit who, if they are physically capable, can learn new obedience commands and skills at any age.

Teaching an older dog new tricks can help reestablish or establish new boundaries, adjust your dog to new family dynamics, prepare them for travel, and refresh obedience commands to promote proper behavior.  All it requires is training, patience, time, and effort.

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Senior Dog, Golden Years: How To Help A Senior Pet Age Gracefully

Golden Years: How To Help A Senior Dog Age Gracefully

It happens quicker than you think. One day you reach down to pet your pup, and you realize that they’re greying. One day you throw their favorite toy across the yard, and they don’t run after it as quickly as they used to. One day you notice they are having a little trouble getting up from their bed. Just like us, our four-legged family members slow down when they get older.

Dogs are considered seniors when they reach the last 25% of their life expectancy. This of course depends directly on their breed and size. As their body goes through changes as they age, your dog relies on you to change the way you care for them. That could mean new strategies to keep them active, a new diet, introducing new supplements, a new grooming schedule, and general changes to your behavior around them.

Getting old doesn’t mean your pup can’t enjoy many of the same things they used to, it might just take a little adjusting. Here’s how you can help your four-legged family member age gracefully!

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Pet First Aid Kit Giveaway

Enter To Win A FREE First Aid Kit For Your Pet!

At DogWatch®, we work to keep your pet safe year-round. So, in honor of National Preparedness Month, we’re giving away two pet first aid kits to help you keep your pet safe during an emergency.

To enter, simply visit our DogWatch Hidden Fences and Training Products Facebook page and leave a comment with a picture of your pet. This contest is open to anyone located in the United States, so share it with your fellow pet parents, too.

Don’t forget to follow us for tips for keeping your pet safe all year long!

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