DogWatch Dealers from 33 states and 5 countries met in Florida on February 5-7, 2016 for the 22nd Annual DogWatch Dealer Meeting. Nearly 250 Dealers, employees and family members attended the meeting at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, FL, making it one of the largest Dealer Meetings in DogWatch history!

The annual conference features workshops, electives and training sessions, and it provides a wonderful opportunity for Dealers to brush up on the latest technology and learn about new and upcoming DogWatch products and initiatives. The meeting also gives Dealers the chance to catch up with each other and share ways that they are managing their business in order to bring the best pet containment solutions to their communities.

While the weather may not have been as sunny as some had hoped, this year’s Dealer Meeting still had many highlights. On Saturday night, attendees got together for an entertaining dinner to celebrate the past year’s successes. After dinner, DogWatch President Fred King and Director of Dealer Development Matt Cormack presented awards to our top achieving DogWatch Dealers of 2015. Here is a list of the award winners. Congratulations to all!

2015 DogWatch Dealer Awards

2015 Dealers of the Year

Jeffrey King, Hidden Fence of Houston
Tommy Sjørring, DogWatch Denmark
Jason Bouchea, DogWatch of Northeast Wisconsin

2015 Rookies of the Year

2015 is First Full Year of Operations
Kathy & David Downey, DogWatch by Laughing Labrador
Aileen & Bob Howard, DogWatch of Upstate New York

2015 Service Excellence Award

Lance & Neil Flowers, Wichita Hidden Fence

DogWatch 2015 Dealer Awards Icons

2015 Top Dog Awards

  1. Samantha & Ward Chapman, DogFence UK
  2. Shannon & Brent Potvin, DogWatch of Metro Atlanta
  3. William Coden, Fido’s Fences
  4. Sue & Bruce Thompson, C No Pet Fence
  5. Leddy Smith, DogWatch Systems, Inc.
  6. Liz & Jack Goetz, DogWatch of Greater Pittsburgh
  7. Curt Little, DogWatch of Central Indiana
  8. Sue Marks & Mark Bridschge, DogWatch of Central Connecticut
  9. Shawn Bader, DogWatch by Petworks
  10. Jan van de Kamp, Dogtra Holland

DogWatch 2015 Top Dog and Sales Achievement Awards

2015 Sales Achievement Awards

Outstanding Growth (over 100%)
Kathy & David Downey, DogWatch by Laughing Labrador

50% to 75% Growth
Rick Edington, DogWatch by Critter Camp
Kristi & Joe Etherson, DogWatch of Southwest Florida
Brittany & Josh Sexton, DogWatch of Central Kentucky
Tommy Sjørring, DogWatch of Denmark
Robert Young, DogWatch of Central Oklahoma

40% to 49% Growth
Maryann Bean, DogWatch of the Endless Mountains
Jay Blankenship, DogWatch of Central Virginia
Jeffrey King, Hidden Fence of Houston
Ernie Roy, DogWatch of New Hampshire

30% to 39% Growth

Teresa & Dave Billone, DogWatch by Billone Fence
Jason Bouchea, DogWatch of Northeast Wisconsin
Richard Gainey, DogWatch of Northern Florida
Sarah & Pete Harvey, DogWatch of Southeast Wisconsin
Paula & David Lillis, DogWatch of Greater Kansas City
Laurie & Mark Spain, Stateline DogWatch
David Van Kirk, DogWatch of Puget Sound

20% to 29% Growth
Dave Acree, DogWatch by Acree Landscaping
Jeff Bowser, DogWatch of Northeast Indiana
April & Rich Caron, DogWatch of Appalachia
Robert Carter, DogWatch of Kentuckiana
Adam Dietz, DogWatch of Central Oregon
Kim & Roy Dusenberry, DogWatch of Vermont
Gary Glaser, DogWatch of Greater Baltimore
Eugene Harwell, DogWatch of North Alabama
David LeCrone, DogWatch by Dog Fence Maryland
Amanda Loukota & John Bell, Countryview Kennels
Fiona & Vance Plummer, Canine Containment Company (Australia)
Dee & Tim Smith, DogWatch of Sarasota/Tampa Bay
John Townsend & Jan King, DogWatch of Chillicothe
Emily & Pat West, DogWatch of Columbus

15% to 19% Growth
Shane Brzezinski, DogWatch of Central Wisconsin
Christine & Troy Dykes, DogWatch of the Bay Area
Rob Girolami, DogWatch of the Carolina Coast
Susan & Brian Harvey, DogWatch of Northwest NC
Ty Kretzinger, DFW DogWatch
Scott Kriger, DogWatch by Kriger Fence
Curt Little, DogWatch of Central Indiana
Kirk Nielsen, DogWatch of Santa Barbara
Cal Noehring, DogWatch by Pro Pet Fences
Lawrence Sowers, DogWatch of the Piedmont
Alex & Dave Spain, Triad DogWatch
Marc Sturges, DogWatch of Cedar Rapids
Dave Wingfield, Hudson Valley Boundaries
Rachael & Derrick Woiderski, DogWatch by K9 Keeper