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Bee Sophan of DogWatch Thailand with BCDH rescue dog Beyonce

Dog Tails Dog of the Month: The Dogs of BLES Cat and Dog Home

Continuing the tradition we started with Ludivine the Marathon Bloodhound, this month’s Dog Tails Dog of the Month goes to the lovable rescue dogs of the Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary Cat and Dog Home in Sukhothai, North Thailand. We first heard about these wonderful dogs and their amazing home thanks to DogWatch Thailand Dealers Doug de Weese and Patsorn “Bee” Sophan, and we were so inspired by their story that we wanted to share it with all of you!
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DogWatch 2016 Dealer Meeting

2016 DogWatch Dealer Meeting Wrap-Up

DogWatch Dealers from 33 states and 5 countries met in Florida on February 5-7, 2016 for the 22nd Annual DogWatch Dealer Meeting. Nearly 250 Dealers, employees and family members attended the meeting at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, FL, making it one of the largest Dealer Meetings in DogWatch history!
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DogWatch Dealers Pete Harvey and Eugene Harwell (with his family)

Firefighters Make Great DogWatch Dealers!

“A lot of firefighters have something that they do away from the fire station,” says Eugene Harwell, a retired firefighter from Huntsville, Alabama and founder of DogWatch Hidden Fence of Northern Alabama. In a 2013 survey, 16% of firefighters had a second job, making it the occupation with the second highest percent of multiple jobholders. The DogWatch Dealer team includes a number of firefighters who have become DogWatch Hidden Fence Dealers, and we spoke to two of them to get their perspective on building their second career.

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dog on slide

Co-Branding: Adding a New Brand as an Expansion Strategy

Recently, we highlighted successful “Copreneurs” – couples who work together as DogWatch Dealers. The DogWatch Dealer team also includes many businesses that have added DogWatch Hidden Fences as part of a “co-branding” expansion strategy.
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