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DogWatch Dealers at the 2014 DogWatch Dealer Meeting

2014 DogWatch Dealer Meeting

The weekend of February 7, 2014, brought approximately 175 DogWatch Dealers and staff to Huntington Beach, California (aka ‘Surf City USA”) to participate in the 19th Annual DogWatch Dealer meeting. Attendees included representatives from 80 Dealerships who traveled from throughout the United States and Canada as well as Great Britain, Denmark, Australia and Trinidad/Tobago. There were Dealers with more than 20 years experience as well as several who started Dealerships in the past year.
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DogWatch Dealer Meeting 2013

A Resounding Success! DogWatch Dealer’s Meeting, 2013

The weekend of February 12 was an exciting time for DogWatch dealers! Approximately 175 people traveled to Orlando, Florida to participate in the 18th Annual DogWatch Dealer meeting. Attendees included representatives from 80 Dealerships who traveled from throughout the United States, Canada as well as Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia. A notably large number of new Dealers were in attendance.
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DogWatch Dealer Dave Wingfield and Cesar Millan

Cesar’s Way: "Dogs Must Have Boundaries"

Most dog owners (especially those with, shall we say, “difficult” dogs) know who Cesar Millan is. Called the Dog Whisper, the self-taught Millan is well-known for his success in training particularly aggressive dogs. His methodology? Helping dogs find “balance” by utilizing his understanding of “dog psychology,” combined with “calm-assertive energy” and his “fulfillment forumula”: exercise, then discipline, then finally affection.

DogWatch dealer Dave Wingfield of Hudson Valley Boundaries was recently able to attend one of Millan’s seminars on his “Trust Your Instincts” tour, and had the chance to have a meet & greet with Millan backstage. During their chat, Millan noticed Wingfield’s DogWatch shirt. When Wingfield asked if he approved, Millan said, “Of course. Dogs must have boundaries.” That statement in and of itself sums up Millan’s ethos as a trainer: in order for dogs to be truly happy and healthy, they must have boundaries. DogWatch Hidden Fences, Indoor Boundaries, and Remote Trainers are all useful and appropriate components in providing such boundaries.
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The DogWatch 2011 Dealer Awards

On February 10-12, DogWatch held our annual Dealer Meeting in Austin, TX. This meeting was our chance to gather our dealers together and discuss our techniques, strategies, and plans for moving forward, so we can continue to bring you the top-notch products and service you have come to expect from DogWatch Hidden Fences. We have some exciting new announcements coming down the pipeline (including a new product!), so stay tuned in upcoming weeks to learn more about what 2012 will bring!

Now, on to something else we are just as excited about. At the dealer meeting, we also announced our dealer awards for 2011. Awards were given out in several categories, including Top Dogs, Rookie of the Year, Top Dealers, Sales Achievement, and more. Congrats go to Major Market Dealers of the Year Emily & Pat West of DogWatch of Columbus and Jan Van de Kamp of DogWatch-Holland, as well as Mid-Market Dealers of the Year Eugene Harwell of DogWatch of North Alabama and Jon Simons of DogWatch of Omaha.

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