The weekend of February 7, 2014, brought approximately 175 DogWatch Dealers and staff to Huntington Beach, California (aka ‘Surf City USA”) to participate in the 19th Annual DogWatch Dealer meeting. Attendees included representatives from 80 Dealerships who traveled from throughout the United States and Canada as well as Great Britain, Denmark, Australia and Trinidad/Tobago. There were Dealers with more than 20 years experience as well as several who started Dealerships in the past year.

The annual conference provides a wonderful opportunity for Dealers to brush up on the latest technology and product development, spend time catching up with each other, and share ways that they are managing their business in order to bring the best pet containment solutions to their communities.

Another important aspect of the Annual Meeting is celebrating our top achievers with Dealer Awards. Congratulations to all of our award winners!

2013 DogWatch Dealer Awards 


Tim Gourlay   DogWatch of Mid-Alabama
Alan Grammer   Metro East DogWatch
Rachel & Derrick Woiderski   DogWatch by K9 Keeper


Susan & Brian Harvey   DogWatch of NW North Carolina
Derrick & Rachael   Woiderski DogWatch by K9 Keeper
David LeCrone   DogWatch by DogFence Maryland

  1. Samantha & Ward Chapman   DogFence UK
  2. Shannon & Brent Potvin   DogWatch of Metro Atlanta
  3. Sue & Bruce Thompson   C No Pet Fence
  4. William Coden   Fido’s Fences
  5. Leddy Smith   DogWatch Systems
  6. Shawn Bader   DogWatch by Petworks
  7. Lisa White, William White & James Schaperkotter    DogWatch of St. Louis
  8. Liz & Jack Goetz    DogWatch of Greater Pittsburgh
  9. Julie & Wade McCormick    DogWatch Hidden Fence of Utah
  10. (3-way tie)
    Curt Little   DogWatch of Central Indiana
    Ty Kretzinger   DFW DogWatch
    Heidi Powell   DogWatch of Greater Cincinnati
Largest Single Customer

Fiona & Vance Plummer   Canine Containment (Australia)

Service Excellence Award

David Lillis   DogWatch of Greater Kansas City

40%+ Growth

Tommy Sjorring   DogWatch-Denmark
Tim Cline    DogWatch of Winchester
David Carter    DogWatch of the Low Country
Jan Van de Kamp     DogWatch-Holland
Dan Doleman      DogWatch of Tidewater
Ron Sweat      DogWatch of Wichita
Shannon Matthews     DogWatch of the Gulf Coast
Tim Gourlay    DogWatch of Mid-Alabama

30% to 39% Growth

Glenn Moragne      DWHF of Portland
Ernie Roy     DogWatch of New Hampshire
Cliff Milam     DogWatch of Chattanooga
Richard Gainey     DogWatch of North Florida
Jeff Bowser      DogWatch of NE Indiana
Alan Grammer      Metro East DogWatch
Rick Battalino      DogWatch by Village Landscapes
Joe Newton     DogWatch of East Georgia

20% to 30% Growth

Phil Holmes & Lee Myers     DogWatch of Charlotte
Mike Gonzales     DogWatch of Northwest CT
Tom Schmidt     DogWatch of SW Georgia
Dee & Tim Smith     DogWatch of Sarasota
Holly & Randy Hoyt     DogWatch of Cape Cod

15% to 19% Growth

Buck Horton     DogWatch of Central Alabama
Lynette & Michael Leonard     DogWatch of Metro Detroit
Jay Blankenship     DogWatch of Central Virginia
Dale & Bill Cuddy     DogWatch of the North Shore
Alex and Dave Spain      Triad DogWatch
Cal Noehring      DogWatch of Greater Toronto Area
Joe Kiselica      DogWatch of Central New York
Rob Girolami     DogWatch of the Carolina Coast
Drew Knutzen      DogWatch of Colorado
April & Rich Caron      DogWatch of Appalachia
Guy Treanor      DogWatch of the Twin Cities
Fiona & Vance Plummer      Canine Containment (Australia)

Fiona & Vance Plummer

Fiona & Vance Plummer, Largest Customer

Sam and Ward Chapman

Sam & Ward Chapman, #1 Top Dog








Rachel & Derrick Woiderski

Rachel & Derrick Woiderski, Dealer of the Year

Alan Grammar, Dealer of the Year

ALan Grammar, Dealer of the Year








Susan & Brian Harvey, Rookie of the Year

Susan & Brian Harvey, Rookie of the Year

David & Paula Lillis, DogWatch, Service Excellence Award

David & Paula Lillis, Service Excellence Award