‘Tis the season of the beach read! Are you a dog lover in need of a new book to bring to the beach, the lake house or your favorite deck chair in the backyard? Check out the 2019 edition of our annual Summer Reading List for Dog Lovers. Enjoy, and happy reading! 


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A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron

Another year, another W. Bruce Cameron’s dog novel makes its way on the big screen! A Dog’s Journey continues the story that began with A Dog’s Purpose (2010 novel, 2017 film), about a special dog named Bailey who finds love, heartache, adventure and happiness as he lives his many lives. This time, Bailey meets up with a few familiar friends along the way, including his best bud Ethan and his granddaughter CJ.

Here’s the trailer for the movie version, in theaters starting May 17 (keep your tissues handy):

A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World by C.A. Fletcher

Are you a fan of The Hunger Games series, and looking for a new dystopian novel to dive into this summer? Consider A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World. The title alone sounds intriguing to us, and the plot description even more so.

Griz, a boy living on a remote island with his family and his dogs, is isolated from other humans after a catastrophic event that decimated the world’s population. When one of his family’s dogs is stolen by a mysterious visitor, Griz sets out to rescue her. How will he find her, and what will he discover about this dangerous new world along the way? You’ll just have to turn the page to find out!

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

A Dog’s Journey isn’t the only dog novel headed to the big screen this summer. Milo Ventimiglia and Amanda Seyfried star in an adaptation of the best-selling novel The Art of Racing in the Rain. We featured this novel on our very first Summer Reading List in 2010, and now’s the perfect time to revisit this much-loved story told from the point of view of a dog.

Our storyteller is Enzo, a retriever adopted by an aspiring racecar driver. Enzo is there for the ups and downs of his owner’s career. He is also a steady companion who is frustrated by his inability to communicate with his human best friend. For those of you who yearn to know what your dog is thinking, Stein offers an engaging, imaginative glimpse into a dog’s mind and heart. Be sure to finish it before August 9th, when the film version opens in theaters!

Check out the trailer below:



Book Covers

Lessons from Lucy by Dave Barry

Best-selling author Dave Barry brings his trademark wit to this ode to his beloved 10 year-old dog Lucy and the art of aging gracefully. Lucy’s humorous and insightful lessons, as chronicled by the 71 year-old Pulitzer Prize winner, include “Make New Friends,” “Pay Attention to the People You Love” and, that universal dog mantra, “Don’t Stop Having Fun”!

A perfect match to author and subject, you’ll love laughing along to Lessons from Lucy with your own furry best friend by your side.

Where the Lost Dogs Go by Susannah Charleson

Where the Lost Dogs Go, the latest book from acclaimed author Susannah Charleson, arrives in stores on June 4th – just in time for our Summer Reading List this year! If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having a pet go missing, you’ll recognize the world that Charleson dives into in this study of “animal behavior, lost-pet search tactics, social media strategies, and the psychology of loss.”

Where the Lost Dogs Go is also a tribute to Charleson’s shelter rescue dog, Ace the Maltese mix, who goes from lost pup herself to trained search dog. The resilience, determination, strength and hope of dogs like Ace will inspire you long after summer’s over.

A Dog Named Beautiful by Rob Kugler

US Marine Rob Kugler’s chocolate Lab Bella was a source of strength, joy and boundless love during a very difficult time in his life, following a war deployment and the death of his brother. So when Bella was diagnosed with cancer, Kugler knew he had to step up and help his friend in return. After a surgery that cost Bella her leg, the pair took to the road, for an epic journey across the country.

Bella delighted everyone she met, and we bet you’ll be charmed by her, too. Thousands have already followed Kugler and Bella’s journey on Instagram – now’s your turn to experience the adventure, the joy, the struggle, the sadness and the inspiration of this truly “beautiful” dog. Check out an excerpt from the audiobook (read by Kugler) below:

For Kids

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Good Dog by Dan Gemeinhart

A heavenly tale of a devoted dog who yearns to be reunited with his best friend, Good Dog is a heartwarming, challenging and engrossing book for middle school readers to tackle this summer.

Brodie, the good dog of the title, finds himself in heaven. But it’s hardly paradise without his human best friend. So Brodie returns to earth as a spirit, on a mission to find the boy he loved. Will he succeed? Ask your young reader – they’ll be turning the pages in anticipation!

Jake the Growling Dog by Samantha Shannon

Kindergartners and their families will fall in love with Jake, the dog who just wants to make friends. The thing is, the other critters in the forest aren’t so sure about Jake’s big bark. The kind-hearted pup’s journey to finding friendship teaches little readers an important lesson about kindness, hope and accepting others who are different.

Coming Soon

Doctor Dogs book cover

Doctor Dogs by Maria Goodavage

Acclaimed author Maria Goodavage’s latest book, Doctor Dogs, doesn’t arrive in stores until October 2019, but we’re big fans of her work, so we decided to include it anyway!

Doctor Dogs is an in-depth and engaging investigation of the cutting-edge science behind how dogs are able to detect disease and aid people who suffer from a wide range of physical and mental conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, autism and more. We can’t wait to dive in and learn all about these incredible canines and the doctors, scientists and trainers who work with them.

So keep it in mind for your FALL reading list, dog lovers!

And One for the Cats!

Cats on Catnip book cover

Cats on Catnip by Andrew Marttila

Lastly, we had to include a title for all of our #DogWatchCats and their families!

Andrew Marttila, the photographer behind the popular Instagram Shop Cats of New York, has created a kitty masterpiece with his latest photo book. Cats on Catnip is a riotous ode to cats and their favorite herb. Whether they’re licking it, rolling their faces in it, or running in circles thanks to it, cat nip has never had a more fitting tribute. Just like the cats in the book, you won’t want to put in down!