We love that our work allows us to spend our days with delightful pets of all shapes and sizes. Now that many of us are working from home and adhering to social distancing guidelines, our own furry companions’ joyful, calming presence is more important than ever.

We asked our DogWatch Dealers and their customers for stories about how their pets are lifting their spirits and helping them stay positive during the COVID-19 quarantine. Check ’em out below, and share your own pets’ photos on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #DogWatchPets!

The Hoy Family – new owners of DogWatch of Spokane & Northern Idaho

“Lucy is loving her friends home everyday!”

Lucy the black labrador retriever cuddling with her little brother

Dr. Kris Covert – Pikesville Animal Hospital – Pikesville, MD – DogWatch of Central Maryland

“May not be at home with my fur-kids, but happily making it to work to help take care of yours!!”

Dr. Kris Covert - Pikesville Animal Hospital with toy poodle patient

Merida Arch Miller – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

“She helps make lunch everyday”

Cat begging for lunch

Tiffanie Ryan – Grand Rapids, MI – DogWatch by K9 Keeper Fencing LLC

“On calls for almost 3 hours before heading outside to check on him. And knowing I could wait that long because he was safe in the yard and not in the street”

yellow labrador retriever relaxing in the sun

Diane Melvin – Plainwell, MI – DogWatch by K9 Keeper Fencing LLC

“Griffyn gets me outside everyday”

lab mix dog in the woods

Allison Thomas Parcells – Ocean City, MD – DogWatch of Greater Baltimore

“My dog and cats are helping me stay sane!”

two cats snuggling and one happy dog

Jennifer Cooney – DogWatch of the Ocean State

“Mine are right next to me as I meet with students online.”

cats sleeping

Susan Dinda – Kensington, CT – DogWatch of Central CT 

“Caught my co-worker sleeping on the job!!”

terrier sleeping wrapped in a blanket

Dorothy Mize – DogWatch SE

“My Sweeties are the light of my life.”

cat's profile

Lisa Modi Franklin – DogWatch of Central Maryland

“This guy is loving it!!”

happy corgi

Jeffrey and Tawnya King, owners of DogWatch Hidden Fence of Houston

“Having a lunch break with Granny.”

senior dog napping adorably

Afton Steigauf of DogWatch of the Twin Cities

“Quarantine Moose loves that his humans are around…most of the time”

little brother interrupts Moose the black Labrador Retriever's nap

Jim Post – Grand Rapids, MI – DogWatch by K9 Keeper Fencing LLC

“I’m single so these 2 are my hanging out buddies.”

two dogs sleeping on a red couch

Robyn Blosh – DogWatch by K9 Fencing of Michigan

“Ruby enjoys the warmth of our fire. Not good at hauling in firewood, only sticks.”

yellow Labrador retriever sleeping on the floor next to a wood stove

Sandy Bowden – Julian, NC – Triad DogWatch


dog helps with spreadsheet
“Others are trying to fit in a cat bed.”

big dog in a tiny cat bed

Andrea Vadenoff of DogWatch of Central Maryland

“Best coworker ever!”

Watson the Llewellin Setter

Tatia Hurlburt – The Adventures of Goose and Duck on Facebook

“I’ve been busy dressing up the boys and promoting Dairy Farmers. Goose & Duck are absolutely thrilled.”

Black Labs Goose and Duck dressed up as dairy cows

A big thanks to everyone who submitted their photos. And to all of the nurses, doctors, hospital workers, first responders, pharmacists, grocery store workers, postal workers, delivery drivers and more who are there for us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts (human, canine and feline, too)! ❤️

And finally, before we go, we wanted to salute the wonderful pets who are keeping all of us at DogWatch Corporate smiling as we work from home – we love you guys!