Boston Terrier on bed with cacti on the windowsill

7 Indoor Plants Safe For Dog and Cat Households

Picking the perfect houseplant is hard enough, but finding a plant safe for your pets can make it even harder. We’ve pulled together a list of seven beautiful, varied and popular houseplants that are non-toxic to cats and dogs. Check it out, and add some flora to your already fauna-friendly home!  Read post »

happy cat laying on couch being pet

Happy Cat: How To Keep Your Feline Family Member Happy Indoors

Whether you have an outdoor or indoor cat, you want them to be happy when they’re home; this becomes more important during the warmer months when they might be a little more interested in exploring outside, or the colder months of the year when they need to be inside. There is no scientific evidence that points to cats being happier outdoors, so you should be able to provide everything your feline family member needs to remain not only content but happy while in your home!

Here are five ways to keep your cat happy while they’re indoors.

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dog and fire detector, fire safety

Fire Safety: 3 Easy Ways You Can Help Protect Your Pets

Every year, in the United States alone, over 500,000 pets experience house fires, and 40,000 tragically lose their lives, mostly from complications due to smoke inhalation. Pet owners do not like to think about their four-legged family members experiencing an event such as a fire, but they must prepare in the event one happens.

Here are THREE easy ways pet owners can help protect their pets from a potential house fire with preparation and prevention.

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Why You Should Add A Feline Family Member: The Benefits Of Adopting A Cat!

Have you considered adding a feline family member to your pack? Cats not only provide constant companionship and hours of entertainment, but they also improve your life in many unseen ways.

Here are some 6 MAJOR benefits of adopting a cat.

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