No matter what your pace is, running is a fantastic exercise for both humans and dogs. Not only is it a tremendous outlet for your dog’s energy, but it’s also great for their mental health! The time spent together is also a great opportunity to bond.

Here are FIVE breeds that are born to run!

American Foxhound

These dogs have great stamina and an instinctual drive to run, thanks to years of hunting and tracking. These easygoing dogs are also adaptable to almost any climate and have easy-to-manage coats.

Rudy American Foxhound DogWatch Omaha Nebraska

Rudy, an American Foxhound, learning his hidden fence boundaries from DogWatch® of Omaha.


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Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are natural-born athletes who have impressive muscles and long strides which can cover great distances quickly. When properly conditioned, they can run 3-5 miles with ease. Start slow and keep an eye on their body language.

Doberman DogWatch Stateline

A Doberman Pinscher in training with Stateline DogWatch®.


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German Shorthaired Pointer

Energetic, versatile, and athletic, these dogs were bred to run. An ideal day for a GSP consists of a long hike or run. However, they are prone to over-excitement. So, make sure their training is up to snuff before getting started with runs.

German Shorthaired Pointer Rockford Michigan Dogwatch K9 Keeper

Reyne the German Shorthaired Pointer from Rockford, MI (DogWatch® by K9 Keeper Fencing LLC)


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These dogs are BIG fans of exercise. Dalmatians were bred as “carriage dogs” and ran long distances besides horses and carriages. Additionally, they kept firehouse horses calm before the days of automobiles. They do tend to get overheated, so keep them hydrated!

Dalmatian DogWatch Renton Washington Pudget Sound

Dille the Dalmatian and her DogWatch Hidden Fence Dealer David from DogWatch® of Puget Sound in Seattle, WA.


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A regular running routine is a perfect outlet for this breed, as they require an immense amount of physical exercise. Originally bred to hunt large game such as boar and deer, these dogs have a high level of stamina and will do their best to wear you out!

Weimaraners Utica New York DogWatch Upstate New York

Sy and Aylya, a pair of Weimaraners from Utica, NY (DogWatch® of Upstate New York)


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It’s important to remember that running is safest for adult dogs over 18 months with fully developed bone structures and joints and that senior dogs may not be able to run as long or fast as they used to.

Run Safely With DogWatch® Training Products

The SideWalker®

If you’re running in a place where your dog needs to be on a leash, the SideWalker® will help train your dog to stay by your side. Dogs can get overexcited when moving at a high rate of speed, the SideWalker® makes sure they stay a safe distance, don’t pull on the leash, and can stop quickly for vehicles, bikes, people, or other dogs; making it the ideal training product for urban areas.

The BigLeash®

Even if your dog runs off-leash, the BigLeash® will keep them close. This remote trainer helps get your dog’s attention, reinforcing obedience commands and changing undesirable behaviors. This safe and effective training tool will help keep your dog focused and safe during exercise.