Weimaraner begging at Thanksgiving table with text bubbles

Which Thanksgiving Foods Can I Share With My Dog?

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and folks around the country are preparing for their annual feast to be shared with family and loved ones. Of course, your dog is included among your loved ones. Should he be included in the meal as well?

In fact, there are a number of Thanksgiving foods that you can safely share with your furry family member. We’ve compiled a list of classic Thanksgiving foods that are safe for dogs, and foods that they shouldn’t eat. So go ahead and put together that special holiday bowl for your pup – in moderation, of course!
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dog in front of irish flag, Happy Saint PAWtrick's Day!: 7 Unique Dog Breeds From Ireland

Happy Saint PAWtrick’s Day!: 8 Unique Dog Breeds From Ireland

Ireland is home to rolling green hills, impressive seaside land formations, and world-class cities. The Emerald Isle also has a long and storied history with unique canine breeds. When these dogs aren’t being employed as working dogs or beloved pets, they have been the inspiration for literature, poetry, and music for hundreds of years.

As the saying goes, everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and the dogs in this post are Irish through and through, with many proudly bearing names that reveal their Celtic roots. So put on your green, sit back, and read all about the dogs of Ireland. Sláinte!

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January 1st on Calendar and dog, New Year, New Dog: How To Include Your Pup In Your 2022 Resolutions

New Year, New Dog: How To Include Your Pup In Your 2022 Resolutions

We are nearly two weeks into the new year, and it’s time to ask yourself, honestly: how are those resolutions going? Are you still staying strong, have you thrown in the towel, or do you need a little extra support to meet your goals? Look no further than your four-legged family member!

At DogWatch Hidden Fences, our team thinks that dogs make everything more fun, and that’s why we always have at least a few in the office. We’ve come up with some helpful ideas to energize your resolutions with the help of your pup.

Not only will having your canine companion by your side make resolutions a little more fun, but it can benefit them as well!

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dog and christmas gift, Christmas Morning Celebrations: How To Keep Your Pets Safe

Christmas Morning Celebrations: How To Keep Your Pets Safe

Christmas is one of the most exciting and joyous days of the year and a big part of the day is opening gifts. Seeing your friends and family members’ faces light up as they open that handpicked or handmade gift you’ve been itching to give them for months is impossibly exciting. However, in all the excitement, your pet may get a little too overzealous seeing everyone open gifts and try to get involved, potentially leading to an emergency Christmas day trip to the vet.

Here are the potential dangers of Christmas morning, how to avoid them, and what to do if something does happen.

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