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Cat by candle, pet fire safety

Fire Safety: 3 Easy Ways You Can Help Protect Your Pets

Every year, in the United States alone, over 500,000 pets experience house fires, and 40,000 of those pets tragically lose their lives, mostly from complications due to smoke inhalation. In general, pet owners do not like to think about their four-legged family members experiencing an event such as a fire, but they must prepare in the event one happens.


Here are THREE easy ways pet owners can help protect their pets from a potential house fire with preparation and prevention.  

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Two dogs with a bike rider

Enjoying our National Parks with Your Dog

Summer calls for outdoor vacations, often including our four-footed best friends. If your vacation plans include visiting any of our 59 scenic National Parks with your dog, planning ahead and knowing the regulations before you leave will make the experience more enjoyable for you and your pooch.
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Arrested sisters

Strange Dog Laws

For people and animals alike, laws are put into place for a reason: they help keep order, help keep us safe, help keep things regulated. Many of them are completely understandable and seem like common sense: for example, having your dog vaccinated for rabies and registered with your city, or keeping him on a leash in public, or picking up after him when he does his “business.” Some laws, however, seem a little strange (at least as they are written.) Here are a few we found:
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