Dog Safety

5 Easy Ways To Make Sure Your Dog Is Staying Hydrated!

Water is vital to maintaining your four-legged family member’s body and mind, but many dogs don’t get enough water. Staying hydrated allows your dog to regulate their body temperature, keep their energy levels up, and recover from physical activity quicker. It also promotes urinary tract health.

Here are some easy ways to keep them hydrated during the warm weather ahead.

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5 Dog Breeds that are Born to Run!

No matter what your pace is, running is a fantastic exercise for both humans and dogs. Not only is it a tremendous outlet for your dog’s energy, but it’s also great for their mental health! The time spent together is also a great opportunity to bond.

Here are FIVE breeds that are born to run!

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Memorial Day Weekend Dog Safety Tips

Memorial Day Weekend is a time for thanking veterans and paying tribute to those who have served our country. It is also a time to celebrate the arrival of the summer season with gatherings, cookouts, and other warm-weather activities. Here is how to keep your dog safe during this weekend’s festivities.

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How to successfully navigate year two with your “Pandemic Puppy”

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a pet ownership boom in 2020, with many owners becoming first-time pet parents. As vaccines are rolling out and restrictions are lifting, many new owners have begun to reconsider their decision.

According to a recent survey from Merck Animal Health, 73% of people who became first-time dog owners during the pandemic are now thinking about rehoming their pets. 58% of these owners say they wish taking care of their pet’s health didn’t take so much time, 33% were surprised how much it costs to care for a pet, and 25% claim they don’t have enough information to care for their dog.

Here’s a guide to help you successfully navigate year two and beyond of pet ownership and avoid rehoming your four-legged family member.

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