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What You Need to Know About the Canine Flu

It’s an unfortunate fact of life: at some point, you are going to catch the flu. You may even have suffered through it already this year. But did you know that your dog is also susceptible to a canine version of this ailment? In fact, Canine Influenza, more commonly referred to as the dog flu, has been causing quite the stir these last few years. Read on to learn about Canine Flu, how to recognize it, and what to do about it.
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DogWatch’s Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Owners

It’s hard to believe the holidays are already upon us, but sure enough, Hannukah starts tomorrow(!) and Christmas is on Sunday. To help you with your last-minute shopping, here’s DogWatch’s gift guide for the pet owner in your life.

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Keeping Your Pets (and Decorations) Safe This Holiday Season!

Holiday decorations, candles, special holiday meals, presents, candy, Christmas trees, mistletoe: many of the things that make the holidays look, taste, and smell so good can be potentially hazardous temptations for our pets. And our own distractions this time of year provide plenty of opportunities for mischief for our dogs and cats.
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Husky in snow

Walking in a Winter Wonderland: How to keep your dog healthy and happy this winter.

December is almost upon us, and for many parts of the country, that means colder weather and maybe even snow! As you begin to prepare your house, your car, and yourself for the winter months, don’t forget to prepare your dog as well. Just as winter poses a host of challenges to us humans, it also challenges our pets. Snow and slush can cause coats to mat, salt and ice can harm tender paws, and low temps can make even the hardiest of dogs shiver. To help you and your dog weather the winter, DogWatch has put together some winter grooming tips. Check them out below, and let us know if you have any to add!
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