Doggy Apps! Tech Toys for You & Your Pooch

If you’re like most dog lovers you like to share your world with your pup. He comes along when you go fishing, lends a paw when you’re gardening, and is always up for a quick trip to the hardware store. You pet him, talk to him, and best of all, play games with him.

It should come as no surprise then to learn that people are happily introducing their canine friends to their digital world. We’ve rounded-up some apps designed to engage and entertain your dog.
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Zoe the Labradoodle plays with her best friend

8 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week

Sunday, September 22 is the first day of the 85th annual National Dog Week. This weeklong celebration was founded in 1928 by William Lewis Judy, affectionally known as Captain Will Judy. A decorated World War I veteran, Judy loved dogs. He founded a publishing house in 1921 and bought Dog World magazine in 1923, which he published for more than 35 years. He also helped to establish the Dog Writers’ Association of America.

National Dog Week was founded to honor our canine friends for their service as well as their loyalty and companionship. In the introduction to his classic book The Dog Encyclopedia: A Complete Reference Work On Dogs, Judy wrote: “Who invests in a puppy receives in return for his investment ten years of companionship, sport, and devotion that he can not purchase elsewhere at any price.”

In keeping with the theme for this year’s celebration, Kids and K-9s: Celebrating the Bond between Youth and Dogs, here are eight ways to celebrate the special bond that exists between kids and dogs.
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DogWatch’s Season of Sharing: How You Can Help a Dog in Need This Holiday Season

Kaylee relaxes in front of the fire on a cold winter day. Photo by Julian Fong via Flickr.It’s that time of year again. Colorful Christmas lights twinkle from lampposts and adorn trees and houses, Christmas tree lots have sprung up overnight like mushrooms, and our homes are filled with the aromas of cinnamon and pine boughs. It’s a busy time, filled with decorating, baking, and shopping for just the right gift for those we love. It’s a time of joy and sharing.

The holidays are an excellent time to remember abandoned and neglected animals and the organizations that are devoted to helping them. Here are some of DogWatch’s suggestions on how to share with the countless dogs around us who are in need of a helping hand. Read post »

The snow drift is almost as tall as Riley!

Let It Snow!

If the experts are to be believed, this winter looks to be a doozy for those of us along the I-95 belt and in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions. Meteorologists are now predicting more snow and lower temps than usual — great news for hardware stores and plowing companies, but not so great for the rest of us, including our four-legged friends.
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