dog in front of irish flag, Happy Saint PAWtrick's Day!: 7 Unique Dog Breeds From Ireland

Happy Saint PAWtrick’s Day!: 8 Unique Dog Breeds From Ireland

Ireland is home to rolling green hills, impressive seaside land formations, and world-class cities. The Emerald Isle also has a long and storied history with unique canine breeds. When these dogs aren’t being employed as working dogs or beloved pets, they have been the inspiration for literature, poetry, and music for hundreds of years.

As the saying goes, everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and the dogs in this post are Irish through and through, with many proudly bearing names that reveal their Celtic roots. So put on your green, sit back, and read all about the dogs of Ireland. Sláinte!

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dog looking at beer

Alcohol And Your Dog: How To Keep Them Safe

Holidays are a time of gatherings that often include good times, good food, and adult beverages. However, those adult beverages can be downright dangerous to your four-legged family members. 

Whether it’s the alcohol or sugar content, ingestion can put your pet in immediate danger or cause long-term damage. Here’s how to keep your pet safe during festivities and what to watch for if they get into something they shouldn’t.

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a collie and lilacs

Collie-Flowers: Dog-Friendly Plants That Will Make Your Garden Beautiful

You love gardening. You love dogs. Gardening plus dogs, however, is not always a winning combination. In addition to our 8-step Dog-Friendly Gardening Checklist, we’ve compiled a list of pet-safe plants for your spring garden, and some plants to avoid. Check it out, and share photos of your garden and your dogs on our Facebook pageRead post »

balto statue in central park

Four-Legged Hero: The Amazing TRUE Story Of Balto The Sled Dog!

The Iditarod is a grueling distance race of over 1,000 miles that takes place on the Iditarod trail in Alaska and tests the endurance of both dog and human. This race commemorates a dangerous and dramatic journey and how an unlikely hero helped save an entire city. That hero was Balto, the lead sled dog of Norwegian Gunnar Kaasen’s team, and this is his story.

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