The Plight of the Pit Bull

DieselDiesel is a beast of a dog, a three year-old mountain of silky black fur and solid muscle. His head measures nearly 25 inches around, and he is well on his way to the one hundred pound mark. He is also one of the biggest goofballs you will ever meet. He shares a house with a family of seven humans and two cats. One of his best buddies is a tiny kitten named Lionel, who shows no fear of his gargantuan companion, and will play alongside of him without batting an eye. Diesel loves to frolic outside, and has a habit of bringing back a big stick and plopping down on the porch to chew on it. He knows how to sit, lie down, and offer up each paw when commanded. He’s a lovable bundle of energy and affection. He is also a pit bull.
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Senior Golden Retriever

Top Ten Reasons to Adopt an Older or Senior Dog

Oftentimes, when people decide that they’re ready to add a dog to their lives, their first impulse is to start looking for a puppy or young dog. While we won’t argue that puppies are adorable, with their fluffy little bodies and too-big paws, they are also a TON of work, and not everyone has the time, patience, dedication, and discipline to raise one. Fact is, puppies just aren’t for everyone. If the time and effort required to raise a puppy is more than you’re ready to take on at the moment, try considering an older or senior dog.
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German Shepherd in a Dog Cart

Why Adopt a Disabled Dog?

One thing you’ll quickly learn about disabled dogs: what they may lack in physical ability, they more than make up for in personality, determination, and their capacity for love. Talk to just about anyone who has one of these pups and that’s the first thing they’ll tell you. They are constantly amazed by their dogs’ tenacity, strength, and temperaments.

Adopting a disabled dog can be rewarding for so many reasons. You’re giving a dog a new lease on life, probably saving him from being euthanized or living his life in a shelter, and providing an opportunity for you and your family to be inspired and rewarded with unconditional love.
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