Dog costumes

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog

Halloween Candy. (c) 2011 Theresa A. GrenierWhile Halloween is an exciting time for us humans, it can be a downright scary and stressful time for dogs. Tons of people who may or may not actually look like people, constant noise and activity, doorbells ringing, doors opening and closing – all of this can be highly upsetting to many dogs. If not celebrating Halloween is not an option at your house, here are some guidelines from DogWatch to help you keep your dog safe and sane on the scariest night of the year.
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Doggie Dress-Up!

Believe it or not, Halloween’s right around the corner! Is it just us, or did this year fly by? While we’re sure you’ve been stocking up on candy for the trick-or-treaters and costumes for the kids, have you given any thought to what your dog is going to be for Halloween? Doggie Halloween costumes, both home- and commercially-made, are growing  in popularity every year, with many communities even having costume parades and contests!

If you’re stuck on what to garb your pup in this Halloween, here are some great ideas DogWatch came across as we scoured the internet for costume ideas for our own dogs. And if you do dress your pup this year, make sure to send us a picture of it at, or post it on our Facebook page!

Haven’t had enough cute dogs in costumes? (Is it possible to ever get enough?) Check out this great video for more inspiration!