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Dog Tails Dog of the Month Bear

Dog Tails Dog of the Month: Bear the German Shepherd

This month’s Dog Tails Dog of the Month is Bear, a handsome, playful German Shepherd from Hilliard, OH. We found out about Bear from Emily and Pat West of DogWatch of Columbus. They had recently worked with Bear’s dad Ike Morris to help him resolve a difficult behavior of Bear’s that had completely disrupted the household – Bear would not stop barking at his tail. We reached out to Ike to ask him about Bear, training with the BigLeash Remote Trainer, and life with an energetic, athletic and loyal German Shepherd Dog! Read post »

Dog Tails Dog of the Month Ludivine

Dog Tails Dog of the Month: Ludivine the Marathon Bloodhound

We’re starting a new tradition in the new year – the Dog Tails Dog of the Month! In this feature, we’ll share fun, adventurous, inspiring stories of dogs who have made headlines and captured our hearts.

Our first Dog Tails Dog of the Month is Ludivine, a Bloodhound from Alabama who became a sensation earlier this month when she accidentally joined a half-marathon race in her hometown. How did Ludivine go from a “lazy girl” to a world-famous dog athlete? Read on to find out!
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