Super Bowl XLIX dogs

Super Bowl XLIX: How Will Your Dog Celebrate the Big Game?

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, and we can’t wait for the big game to start! By now, you’ve probably decided where you’ll watch the event, what delicious munchies you’ll prepare, and which team you’ll be cheering on. But what about your dog? How will he or she participate in the big day? The DogWatch team has some fun ideas for incorporating your best friend into the year’s biggest sports spectacle.
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Remi the puggle, wrapped in a blanket

Snowed In? Try These 7 Indoor Games for Dogs!

At DogWatch HQ in Natick, Massachusetts, we are preparing for a major blizzard. In addition to stocking our fridges and getting our shovels ready, we are also preparing our pets for the storm. We’ve already covered cold weather safety tips and paw care on the blog. Today, we’ve collected some fun indoor games for your dog, to help him channel his pent-up energy and exercise his brain and body even when he’s snowed in. Ready, set, PLAY!
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DogWatch dog Bandit the mixed breed

Get Your Dog (and Yourself) out of Hibernation!

Although Mother Nature apparently hasn’t gotten the memo, spring is technically here.  After the exceptionally long winter we’ve had, we thought you might enjoy a list of activities to do with your pooch and/or your entire family.
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Happy woman and her dog in a park

Your Perfect Exercise Buddy

Physical activity contributes substantially to our health. It helps us to control our weight, reduces our risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. It improves our mood, strengthens our bones, and increases our chances of living longer. We know it’s good for us, but we often need help sticking with an exercise regimen. Your pooch just might be the key to your exercise success.
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