Well, that Stinks! What to do When Your Dog Gets Sprayed by a Skunk

Skunk. A single word that fills even the most intrepid dog owner with dread. The smell, the nightmare of getting it off, the waste of perfectly good tomato juice… Let’s face it, nothing about your dog getting sprayed by a skunk is pleasant. Unfortunately, one of our own dogs was the victim of a quite vigorous skunking (in her face, no less!) this past weekend, which sent us to the good old internet to see what we could find for a treatment. What we found was a wealth of information and a course of action that made a huge difference for poor Lucy! We’re sharing what we learned here to help you should you find your own pup in this predicament.

About skunks

Skunks are a member of their own unique animal family, but are believed to be related to the weasel family as well (ferrets, weasels, otters, badgers, stoats, and wolverines). They are omnivores, eating both meat and vegetation, and are crepuscular in nature, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk. They live in dens that they dig in the ground, and go into semi-hibernation in the colder months. They are most active during the spring and summer, when the weather is warmest. This time of year is prime time for skunks.

Common skunk. Photo by Lee Ruk via Flickr.Skunks are generally non-aggressive animals that prefer flight to fight; however, when threatened, they are capable of spraying an incredibly foul-smelling substance a distance of up to 16 feet. This stinky spray is a thick, yellow, oily compound that is degraded from urine and released from scent glands located on either side of their back end. The principle component of this stinky secretion is called mercaptan (when you win Jeopardy by knowing that, let us know!), and contains sulfur – hence the stench. In fact, mercaptan is added to odor-free natural gases to that we can tell if we’ve sprung gas leaks in our stoves or furnaces.

When a skunk is preparing to spray, it will arch its back, raise his tail high, and begin hissing and stomping his feet on the ground. He may even do headstands with his back and tail arched towards the intruder. When he actually sprays, he will bend into a U-shape, with his head and back end facing the intruder, and let ‘er rip, aiming his spray primarily at the intruder’s face.

As a result, animals that get sprayed by skunks tend to take the brunt of it in their face. This should not cause permanent damage, but make sure to keep an eye on your pet’s eyes, nose, and mouth for a few days. If redness, irritation, and/or secretions occur, make sure to get your pet to a vet right away.

OK, but my dog already got skunked. Now what?

Dog not happy about his skunk bath. Photo by Oakley Originals via Flickr.If your dog found himself on the business end of a skunk, time is absolutely of the essence. The longer the spray sits, the more it sets and the harder it is to get out. If not properly treated, the odor can last for months (or longer!) If your groomer is open, give them a call and see if they can arrange an emergency appointment. If that’s not possible, then here’s a DIY solution for you.

First things first, change into some old clothes that you don’t mind getting rid of after, as they’re going to smell to high heavens. Washing the clothes will not remove all of the skunk oil and may leave a skunk oil residue in the washing machine. Yuck! Also, throw on a pair of rubber or latex dish gloves or something similar; you don’t want to get the skunk spray on your hands.

Despite what you’ve heard, save the tomato juice for a Bloody Mary; it’s ineffective at best, and can stain your pup’s coat at worst. There are several store-bought enzymatic sprays you can use to get rid of skunk spray on a dog, such as Nature’s Miracle® Skunk Odor Remover. But of course, we rarely have something like this on hand when we need it, so just follow the steps below for a clean, fresh, stink- and discoloration-free dog.

1. Sequester your dog outside. The last thing you want is that stink getting in the house. The skunk oil can be transferred to rugs, upholstery, and other items in the house, and it can last for quite a while.

2. Put on clothes that you can throw away later and protective rubber or latex gloves.

3. Check your dog for cuts and scratches caused by the animal; if you find any, skip the rest of these steps and bring your dog to the vet ASAP.

4. Prepare for an outdoor bath. Get a tub if need be, towels you don’t mind throwing out after, the hose, and a helper if possible.

5. DON’T HOSE YOUR DOG DOWN RIGHT AWAY! This can make the stink worse and make it harder to get off. Also, if your dog has any cuts or cracks in his skin, this could rinse the skunk spray into them and cause pain, burning, and irritation and could lead to skin problems down the road.

6. Apply a bit of eye lubricant or 1-2 drops of mineral oil to your dog’s eyes. This will protect the eyes in case you get any water or other substances in them during the cleaning process.

7. Mix up the following in an OPEN container (as it creates a chemical reaction and could EXPLODE in a closed container):

– 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide (check the expiration date!)
– ¼ cup baking soda
– 1 teaspoon of strong liquid soap, such as Dawn dishwashing detergent

For larger dogs, you can also add some lukewarm water to the mixture. DO NOT use a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide; it can burn the dog’s skin. Also, make sure both the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are as fresh as possible. If either has been sitting in the cabinet or fridge for months, it’s best to run out to the pharmacy and pick up some fresh supplies (as they can break down over time and lose their effectiveness).

8. Locate the area(s) where the dog got sprayed. Wet the area(s) with the solution and thoroughly massage the solution into the coat. An old sponge works well for this. Be careful not to spread it to other areas as you’re massaging, as the skunk spray is oily and spreads easily.  The oil is what makes it so difficult to remove.

9. If your dog got sprayed in the face, you can apply the mixture to a cloth and wash the dog’s face that way, being careful to avoid the eyes, nose, and mouth. See the video below for a how-to on getting skunk spray off your dog’s face and chest.

10. Let the mixture sit for 5-10 minutes, then thoroughly rinse the dog off with lukewarm water.

11. Repeat steps 7-10 until the stink is gone.

12. Dry your pup well and give him a treat – or several!

13. Run to the pet store and pick up some skunk odor removal spray to have on hand in case this happens again. Also, take a look around your yard and identify places skunks are likely to hide, so you know where to keep your dog away from in the future.

14. If you find a spot in the yard that has been saturated in skunk spray, it is probably a good idea to restrict your pet from that area until the odor is gone. The oiliness of the spray allows it to linger and it could end up on your pet again if he/she plays in that area. If you have a Hidden Fence system, your local Dealer can help you create a temporary ‘avoidance zone.’ If you do not have a Hidden Fence and are interested in learning more, visit www.dogwatch.com or contact your local DogWatch Dealer.


15. Make sure to not leave trash out overnight when possible, as this can also attract skunks.

Important to note

Skunk spray has been linked to incidences of various anemias in dogs due to some of the compounds in it. Watch your dog carefully for 3-5 days after it was sprayed, looking for lethargy, weakness, and/or discolored urine. If you note any of the above, bring the dog to the vet ASAP.

Our information came from these great articles:
How to Remove the Skunk Smell from Dogs by Jenna Stregowski, RVT
What to Do When Your Dog Has Been Skunked by Dr. Dawn Ruben

Photo credits (top to bottom):
Oakley Originals via Flickr
Lee Ruk via Flickr

134 Comments on “Well, that Stinks! What to do When Your Dog Gets Sprayed by a Skunk

  1. Thank you for posting this most helpful information. We were lucky enough to have all necessary ingredients on hand to make the potion (at 4 am). I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first but it worked surprisingly well. I wish we had known about the potion when my Dad and Uncle got sprayed! Ha, I’ve never seen anybody (before or since) jump out of their clothes so fast! Also appreciate the anemia heads up.
    Thanks again!

    • You’re very welcome David! Good to hear that we were able to help your dog–sorry we were too late for your family members, haha.

      • I have used the peroxide, soap and soda, but just it was below freezing, I used our skunk away, it was freezing on her. Help quite a bit. No deciding on the bath this morning, it is 6 degrees outside. Our house is what has th e problem now.

      • Thanks so much. I cried when dog got sprayed. This is the 2nd time. It’s horrible. The 1st time I did tomato juice, what a mess. This time I looked on line while crying like the world was ending. Your solution helped so much. It’s not nearly as nasty as the 1st time. Thanks again!

        • Cynthia, Ive been crying all night after my dog got sprayed for 1st time…Skunk and my dog face to face…


      • Thank you for this. We were able to use this and it got smell out of my white American Eskimo last night when she got sprayed. Now I have little containers with vinegar around the house to get smell out. It’s all works

    • Thank you SO MUCH for this information! What a life saver. I have two yorkies that got sprayed at 1100 pm! I didn’t have any special skunk smell shampoo or anything but I did have the ingredients in your “recipe”. Easy to understand video showed the ease of mixing the paste and gave me confidence in exactly how to tackle it. It worked GREAT! I would advise anyone in this predicament to use this method. I too was crying my eyes out and gagging through the procedure, but this treatment made a horrible situation bearable.

    • Thank you for the information about treating my dog for treating him for skunk smell. It really worked well. Hopefully I won’t have to use it again but if I do, I’ll know what to do.
      Thanks Again.

  2. Thank you so much!!!! for this tutorial on what to do when your dog gets SKUNKED! My German Shepard was sprayed late last night and this information came in very handy!

    • Glad to hear that our blog could be of help to you! Make sure to stay tuned for additional posts in the future!

    • It will a little, (peroxide) my dog is black and used peroxide and it kinda just colored his roots a or orangish color but that isn’t a big deal if it helps with the smell. I’m pretty sure this concept worked my issue was it’s all on his face by eyes mouth nose and I can’t put anything to close to either so that is the only part on him left that smells after doing all the ingredients peroxide baking soda and Dawn dish soap

  3. My dog got sprayed in the face this helped so much. I was crying for 10 minutes until I found this. Thank you

  4. This recipe worked fabulously. My Old English Bulldog got sprayed in the face as I watched in horror. The skunk walked down the sidewalk in broad daylight. Out of the corner of my eye I thought it was a cat. Nope, my 8 month old puppy went to say “hi” and right in the mouth and face it got sprayed. Smell is nearly gone with two pastes from your recipe.

    Thanks a million for sharing!

  5. I would just like to give a huge thank you for this recipe and video! I got home from work around 11 last night, let my dog out to do her business as usual and she was sprayed right in the face. Luckily I had all the ingredients laying around and this morning you wouldn’t even know she was sprayed! Thank you so much this was a life saver!!

  6. I have used this solution too many times to count. But here is one tip that can cut the stink by more than half if you do first. We keep the ashes from the woodstove just for this purpose. As soon as we know the dog got skunked- and it is almmost always on the face- apply wood ash very gently and carefully , starting at your dogs head (chances are it will be the area to concentrate on) rub the wood ash into the dog’s fur. It will help identify the area of saturation but most of all, the wood ash will absorb alot of the skunk oil. I apply it heavily, wait 10 minutes allowing the ash to absorb as much of the oil as possible. Allow the dog to shake it off and apply again after 10 minutes. Again, wait a few minutes and allow the dog to shake off as much as possible. It is practically miraculous the amount of stench this cuts even before you begin the baking soda/ peroxide bath. We’ve had dogs for over 20 years and have used the peroxide recipe on it’s own. It helps, but the addition of wood ash made the biggest difference. As with the wet solurion, take the same precautions with your dogs eyes, nose and mouth.

    • Can you use wood ashes after you’ve already bathed and used solution if smell is still strong? Feel like that’s a dumb question..

  7. Vinegar is an excellent substitute for the peroxide if you do not have any on hand. Chances are, because of skunks nocturnal nature, it will happen over night and stores may be closed so make sure to have plenty of supplies on hand if you live in an area where you know skunks are known to reside.

  8. This didnt work so well so i drove to the vet and they sold me some stuff called skunk off! It works awsome! I also put some in the laundry and the smell is gone!

  9. This was such a help when our dog got sprayed at 1 AM last night….we did 3 rounds of this with her shampoo and it has worked marvelously. Going to keep lots of hydrogen peroxide around now.

  10. Thanks that totally worked we have been trying to get the smell out for almost a week now, and right after it only smelled like a wet dog!!!

  11. Thank u so much! My dog just got sprayed at 1 am and I used the portion and it got almost all of the smell out. He got sprayed in the face as well! Now I have to make the house smell better! Lol

  12. Thanks for the help. Really “stinks” at 430am when trying to get ready for work. As soon as we opened front door and my Great Dane took two steps out, bam he took it good. Gonna have to have a talk with wife about putting a bag right outside the front door full of garbage. Lol. Thanks again



  14. Just want to say thank you my dog was sprayed in the face and we were desperate, I did a quick search and found your page, your solution really works! One time is all it took so thank you

  15. Thank God for your webpage!!! 5:15 am run to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients. We were panicked as to what to do when our little miniature pincher, who is smaller than the skunk, got sprayed. Thank you!!!!

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our family dog (a mini-pin -dachshund) got sprayed at 3:30 am this morning when my son put her out and she went right after a skunk. She didn’t like it, but we didn’t like it much more. Found your site, had the indigents on hand, worked GREAT!!!. Was able to get to bed at 5:30 with a nearly smell free dog. Great post!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing the info. I too watched in shock as my dog was sprayed in the face at three o’clock in the morning. Your info was priceless thanks for sharing

  18. Thank you for the recipe!
    After a trip to Safeway at 2:30 am to get the peroxide and baking soda, a long rubbing down and shower, many treats for my Lab, two cups of coffee for me – It is now 4am and I think we are out of the woods stink-wise.
    Lesson for me- keep peroxide handy. Lesson for my furry companion? I wish that we’re as easy to impart – to stay the heck away from from those nasty little critters.

  19. You and that solution are lifesavers. Our dog was sprayed tonight when, of course, the pet store was closed, so I immediately went online to find a solution,and thank God I came across your blog. My dog smells great now. Thanks again.

  20. my beagle got sprayed in the face about 10 days ago. He ran into the house and my husband threw him into the bath. The smell was horrible and throughout the house. I stayed up and cleaned the entire house desperately because my sons 4th bday party was in 2 days. However my beagle still smells…will this mixture help this far out?

    • Kate, based on our experience and the comments of others, this recipe usually works to reduce the smell, although it may take several applications. Best of luck to you and your beagle.

  21. Thank you for this awesome tip! Our dog just got sprayed in the face as we were getting ready for bed. Thankfully, we had all ingredients on-hand and were able to bathe him immediately. I could tell the difference right away. This was incredibly helpful- thank you!

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  23. Thank you so much for posting this! I had no idea what to do with my poor german shepard who got sprayed in the face/chest area. It was very inexpensive and easy to use!

  24. Thanks for all the comments my husky just got sprayed.. on my way to store now to buy supplies…thank u for all the information about skunks and dogs.

  25. My English bulldog ‘Gilligan’ got sprayed a couple hours ago, And I was freaking out, I called the vet and they gave me the same recipe which is also suggested by the APA, I was able to get one coat of it on before Gilligan tipped over my bucket, I was still freaking out a little and probably didn’t let it sit on as long as I should have, but I think I got most of it. There’s only a couple spots where if you get close to his fur you can still smell the skunk, but since my bucket got spilled I will have to get some of that skunk off stuff from the pet store in the morning. And find something to neutralize the smell in the house, on the bright side my house doesn’t smell like dog anymore lol. I must have gotten most of the smell off him because shortly after I dried him off he stopped licking his face, stopped rolling in the dirt and returned to normal activity which is sleeping and snoring

  26. Just used this Idea. I sure hope it helps out st. Benard!!! Such a huge dog :( and we r in MI it’s so cold. Had to do it in our tub!! Fingers crossed

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  28. THANK YOU!! I didn’t even have the “Luke got sprayed by a skunk” call on my radar. It wasn’t on my list of things you hope your seventeen year old boy never says to you. I found this right away…ran to Walgreens just to be SURE all of the ingredients were fresh, completed it within 30 minutes and we can let the dog inside for the night!! Life saver!!!

  29. My pal got it in the face at 4am today. Went online an found your page. Thank you so much. Your mixture worked great. Again thank you thank you much.

      • Thank you for the helpful information. The skunk incident happened at 11:50 pm, causing incredible panic for the family. It is now 1 am and our dog is in his bed sound asleep.

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  31. Tanks for the tip!! Zoey had her “smack in the face” at 3am this morning its now 5:15 am, never been that close to a skunk smell. At first, I was completely freaking out in panic and confusion. Trying to figure out twhat the smell was (lol sniffing everywhere) coming from my dog I just let out to pee. I smell it stronger at the front door so I look out and she is rolling around in the grass trying to rub the smell off!! She runs in the house of course going in the back den and hiding under the futon, so now Ive got a horrible smell inside and its really irritating so my nose and nerves. Is there any tips on if she will be traumatized from this? I mean I cant let her roll around inside till I get to Wal mart soon but I can’t let her in. Also I have another pup He is bigger than her, hes a 6 mnth old bull mastive and blue pit mix and she is razors edge blue pit, and of course the smell Is on them both. Him Im not worried about, but she has bad nerves and very sensitive feelings. :/

  32. Our dog got sprayed tonight and promptly ran through the house, (YUCK!!). Found your site and have washed the dog, he smells better – THANK YOU! Now we have windows open, fans on and bowls of vinegar all over the house in hopes that it smells better in the morning.

  33. Any ideas as to how to remove odour from dogsoutj/breath? Our dog got sprayed in the face, smell has gone off due, but her breath still stinks. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your question, Mary. The best thing to do when your dog is sprayed in the eyes is to wash out the eyes with clean water or a sterile, preservative-free eye irrigation solution. Afterwards keep an eye on your dog to prevent him or her from scratching their eyes. If the dog is scratching at them frequently even after washing, contact your veterinarian. He or she may request that you bring the dog in for an eye exam to check for an eye condition and prescribe treatment.

  34. My dog got sprayed almost 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I wasn’t at home when it happened. My neighbors had let him out. Luckily they were able to leave him on their deck, but the smell sat for an hour before I could get to him.

    I started with the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, dish soap remedy (I used to work at a vet so am very familiar with this). Let the mixture soak for 10 minutes or so, rinsed him, shampooed him. I repeated this step the following 2 days because he still stunk.

    I have since done 3 treatments with Nature’s Miracle & then shampoo, brushed his teeth, sprayed him with waterless shampoos, and other fabulous smelling items. He STILL smells.

    I don’t know if I should just leave him be, or continue fighting with the odor. Am I making it worse? He’s 95 pounds, black, and now looks like he’s had a bad dye job. He is such a good boy and lets me do whatever to him, but I’m sure he is fed up with this business.

    • So sorry that you are going through this, Janessa! You seem to be doing everything right. Perhaps there is an area of the yard that still has the smell, and he is returning to it? Also, have you reached out to your vet? Perhaps they may have advice regarding areas on your pup that may retain the smell more than others. The vet can also advise you regarding how often you should bathe and treat the dog for the smell. Best of luck to you and your very patient pup!

  35. My Goldendoodle just got Sprayed in the face and neck. A friend sent me this link as I ran to the store to get supplies. I washed him with the solution and am so happy with the results!! He is able to sleep inside for the night. I am running to the pet store in the morning to buy the skunk spray. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  36. Thank you! My German Shepard got sprayed in the face while a friend was watching my dog during a business trip. She called and I gave her this recipe and think it seamed to have helped for now. Too early for a full report.

  37. Incredible! Our boy Tobias got sprayed in the face by a skunk at 1:30 am. The first time I ever experienced anything like this!! After a late night trip to the pharmacy, and the easy instructions, it’s now 3:30am…problem solved!

  38. You rock! Both of my dogs were skunked tonight as the stores were closing for the night. I was able to buy the supplies from my local pharmacy and in 90 minutes both dogs no longer smelled. We kept them outside until we covered them in the solution and when it was time for the warm rinse we did itin the tub. Thanks so much for these easy-to-follow directions using simple ingredients!

  39. I have a lab who was sprayed 10 days ago. This is the third time its happened this month. I’ve used the solution twice on her and she still smells like I never washed her. Any advise? Do I do the recipe again on her and leave it on longer?

    • Sorry to hear you are dealing with all these skunk sprays, Kourtney! Yes, I would try bathing her in the solution again, following the directions we listed. It can take a while for the smell to fade. If that still is not working for you, pick up one of the store-bought enzymatic sprays you can use to get rid of skunk spray, such as Nature’s Miracle® Skunk Odor Remover. You may also want to call you vet to see if they have any other tips. Good luck!

  40. I think I’m the lucky person in the world my dog walked up sniffed the skunk and walked away wondering why she did not get sprayed

  41. Thank you so very much for this wonderful information! My girls got skunked this morning, one worse than the other but I got online and did what you advised. My girls are now skunk free it’s just us that stink lol! You are truly doing a great service for pet owners everywhere! To some of us our dogs are our children and when something happens we get scared. You make it possible for us to help them when help for them immediately is not available. So thank you and all the wonderful people on your staff that make your site a Great site!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Laura! We are happy we could help you and your pups.

  42. This worked!! I couldn’t believe it. We live in western PA so there is no getting away from the skunks. Rusty got skunked early this morning and the whole house was asleep so I had to wait till morning to give him a bath. This was the first time for one of our pets to get sprayed the neighbors pets have all had there turn, so I got on the Internet and found this page and I’m so thankful!! I’ll definitely be sharing this recipe. Thanks!

  43. The solution worked great. I took him into the vets office 16hrs later after using the solution 5 times, and washing him with dog shampoo 3 times and the two ppl working at the front desk plus another customer in the lobby had no idea he had been sprayed until I told them. It was about 2.5hrs worth of cleanings and my wife and I started cleaning him directly after it happened but looks like it has paid off. The skunk got my large breed dog on the right cheek of his face.

  44. My dog just gother sprayed last night first time every dealing with this, I was freaking out until I found your website glad to say you really helped used solution 5-6 times letting it sit no longer then 5 minutes max before spraying him down! Smell has definitely gotten better but I’ve noticed he’s lost alot of hair and is shedding worse then he ever has he’s a short haired red nose should I be as worried as I am???

    • Glad we could help, Nick. As for the hair loss issue, I would talk to your vet. He or she can examine your dog and let you know if there is anything to be concerned about.

  45. Your solution works great! My 3 dogs got sprayed this summer! What a mess. I have a question though, last week I saw my youngest dog dart toward the shed, where they got sprayed last time. I didn’t think much of it until she came up to me covered in the yellowish looking oil, looked just like the first time. She did not have that familiar rotten sulfur odor we associate with skunks, however, but she smelled just as bad, like rotten garbage! The solution worked well once again. I can only assume it was another skunk, but does anyone know whether or not a skunks scent changes. This is odd. Any replies are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  47. Well, this is the 3rd time for my Two Black German Shepherds to get Skunked!
    I heard them go out the doggy door At 3:00 AM, with the temp about 35 degrees, after 10 minutes at that time of night, I knew that something was up. I got up, and called them, and before they entered the Kitchen door, I could smell the problem. This time, I kept them out of the house. I had the Peroxide, Baking Soda on hand, and started mixing the solution as directed.
    Works pretty good, did a shampoo after the Peroxide treatment, and it got rid of almost all the smell. The face is the hardest to get rid of the smell, because it is the hardest to wash with alot of the solution. But thank God for the receipt!

  48. Thank you. Thank you. Just had to do this at 2 am. I can still smell some on her face. I was so nervous to put it near her eyes and mouth. This was so helpful and greatly appreciated.

  49. Thanks for posting this solution. At 430 in the morning this was a life saver. Got rid of a majority of the smell. At this point just waiting for Petco to open so we can get more skunk spray remover.

  50. ON MATTRESS!!! HELP My lab got sprayed and ran strait to my room and starting rubbing his neck on my bed! How do I get it out of my mattress. I can’t even afford to buy new clothes right now. Crying helps. :/

    • Oh no, sorry to hear about that, Sasha! Our suggestion would be to stop by your local pet store and ask for a cleaning product specifically designed to get rid of skunk odor, such as Nature’s Miracle. Additionally, some online resources we consulted also suggest that leaving an open container of vinegar out next to the piece of furniture in question can help absorb some of the skunk odor after a couple of days (see here: http://www.bobvila.com/articles/how-to-get-rid-of-skunk-smell/#.VuhUT_krKUk). Good luck!

  51. We live on an acreage in the country 100 km from Calgary, Alberta. Lots of skunks and a big Chocolate Lab that loves confronting them. I can tell you that “Pink Solution” available through COSTCO stores works exactly as well, when used the same way, as your hydrogen peroxide recipe- and no mixing. Just work it into the fur, full-strength, let stand for 10 minutes and rinse it out.

  52. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This saved our baby chihuahua from exile! We expected to be up all night, and this took about 10 minutes! So helpful!!!

    • You are very welcome, Claire. Glad your baby Chihuahua is free of skunk smell!

  53. My Lab. puppy got nailed up close VERY CLOSE and personal. I’m sure she got the whole load. I tried your recipe but I didn’t let it sit long enough, I got it off the humane website and it said nothing about sitting. So I will go buy more shortly. I bought some skunk spray remover and sponged it on real well. But I’ve done it 4 times already and every single time I do it and her fur is wet it smells just as bad as when it happened. The product I bought is called SKUNK ODOR ELIMINATOR by unique natural products. When I make her wet with this stuff I even get nasty skunk taste in my mouth and nose. It is horrible and makes me think the whole house smells. I think I need serious help lol

    • That’s awful, Michael – skunk spray can be a devil to get rid of! Keep trying, good luck and I hope you are skunk-smell-free ASAP!

  54. My shepherd was sprayed in the middle of the night over a week ago or more, we have been bathing her in Nature’s Miracle and vet shampoos, and today tried tomato juice…she still smells like a skunk. Helpfulvsuggestions?

    • Sorry to hear this, Suzanne. My suggestion would be to keep up with the baths, and make sure your dog stays away from the area where she was sprayed. The oiliness of the skunk spray allows it to linger and it could end up on your pet again if she plays in that area. And we encourage you to reach out to your vet if you haven’t already – perhaps they may have some helpful hints of their own. Good luck, and we hope your pup is skunk-smell-free ASAP!

  55. First experience – hope it is last. Found your recipe online at 5:30 AM. Did a double batch (100 lb boxer/ridgeback). He took a direct hit to face and chest. My peroxide may not have been freshest. He’s better. Got the Natures Miracle skunk remover today and had a go with it. Tried white vinegar on cotton ball which removed some odor. Finally gave him a little aftershave! Will try “the recipe” again tomorrow!

  56. A huge thanks! What a nightmare at midnight. I have smelled a skunk from a distance but not up close and personal on my poor 15 year old bichon schnauzer just before bed. Your solution worked really well. I was just so worried about his eyes as he has cataracts. Will keep a close watch on him. Going to stock up on everything so I don’t need to make the mad dash to the 24 hour drug store again!

  57. Woke up 5 am to my wife’s yelling that our pit bull (she’s a sweetheart) got skunked. Found your page and made up the potion. IT WORKED !!! Thank you so,so much. You have done a great service. Thank you.

  58. THANK YOU! This worked! Alfred is 95% free of the skunk smell. I really appreciated the video showing how to apply to the face being careful of the eyes. I think Alfred wanted the stink gone as much as I did because he stayed still while I applied it and then when I sprayed him off – much like the dog in the video! Thank you again!!!!!!

    • Thanks Theresa! So happy we could help you and Alfred. And Alfred, you’re a good boy for staying still for your mom!

  59. My 2 year old Austrailian Shepherd got sprayed as he was on his last trip out for the night. He came back pretty quick so I think he ran out and startled the skunk. Looks like he got it entirely inside his mouth. There’s nothing on his body just whitish foamy liquid coming out of his me high we rinsed with warm water. Can swallowing that mess be toxic? 11pm on Sunday and me with no supplies except plain natures miracle.

    • Oh no, Tami, your poor Aussie! We did some research, and VCA Animal Hospitals recommends that you contact your vet if you suspect he got skunk spray in his mouth. Your vet can let you know what to look for in terms of any further complications. They can also give you advice regarding getting rid of “skunk breath” safely. You can wash his face with our mixture to get rid of any lingering skunk smell, but avoid getting the mixture in his mouth or eyes. Good luck and thanks for reaching out!

  60. My dog was sprayed right in the chest and face at 5:30 this morning. Off to the store I went while my husband searched for what I would need to buy. Came across this site. THANK YOU! The process was about 1.5 hours all together but we did your steps several times followed by many baths. We used the mixture for his face along with dog facial towels. It all worked like a charm. Now our backyard is off limits for a few days until the skunk smell goes away so the dogs will feel the aftermath until they are allowed back in their santuary.

  61. Thank you..this helped out alot..my boy got sprayed Sunday nite at the park…man that STINKS..!!! He’s ok now…but my truck still stinks…lol..!! That’s what happens sometimes when you own an American Foxhound…!!

  62. Thank you so much for this information! Like many others, my dog got skunked in the middle of the night. I was very upset (along with this very sensitive pooch) and completely unaware of what to do. Luckily, your blog and these normal household ingredients got us through it.

  63. I used this mixture when my dog got sprayed a few months ago. But has anyone else had the issue that months later (I am talking 4 or 5) that every time I give my dog a bath he smells again? Is it just me? And he is an italian greyhound mix, so not tons of fur. I washed him at leave 10 times with that mixture.

  64. My 3 dogs was sprayed in the face and all of them started to foam from the mouth and their eye are real red and watering. How would you clean out the eyes and stop the foaming from the mouth?

    • Oh no, sorry to hear that, Karen! In this case, we would recommend contacting your local veterinarian. He or she can advise as to the best way to treat the eye issue and address any health concerns. We hope they feel better soon!

  65. 1030 at night was awoke by my girlfriend yelling that our Yorkie “opie” had been skunked!! Found your recipe and it worked great!! He took a hit to the face and was licking a lot so believe he got a mouth full as well. Poor guy. Thanks for your help in such a stressful incident!!

  66. Thanks, our Chihuapit got it last night in the face mostly @about 11pm and your recipe worked great, I was a little confused at 1st because the recipe called for 1quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide which that amount doesn’t make a paste and wasnt super effective, but then I made it to look like the the paste in the video and it worked wonderfully. Thanks!!

  67. Thank you! Years later and this article is still helping people like me. I was clueless on what to do for Daisy, my black mouth cur. I used your recipe and followed your instructions. Thanks to you we got her cleaned up and back inside the same night.

    • You’re very welcome, Wendy! We love seeing all these comments years after we wrote this post. Seems like every dog owner needs this recipe at least once! Glad Daisy is back inside and skunk-free.

  68. Hey y’all, Just got done cleaning Cubbie, my puppy. Well. she’s 2 years old now, but still a pup at heart. She went after what I learned a little later was a skunk and not a cat, like I thought. I don’t encourage her to chase anything and it was late night, not too much action at that point. I seen her chasing something and she kept running back and forth around this bush. I said, ‘better watch out, kitty will kick your but” and as I just got around the bush, I seen what she was chasing. There it was, skunk butt, pointing right at us both. I tore up the hill so fast and she quickly followed. We had escaped with out injury. Then I seen the skunk go by me and down an alley way. Pretty fast skunk. We both turned around and went back towards my truck and as we got to that bush we walked right into it. I swear it was like a delayed reaction, but I guess when they spray. it lingers. We walked into it and both, well I started gagging and she was blinking and shaking her nose like she got it in the face, started running for the truck. We were only 2 blocks from the house and I hurried in got her in the tub. Used tomato juice (which i heard really doesn’t work) I just sorta soaked her with a can of V-8 actually, then added baking soda. and worked that in with a little water let it sit for a bit. Then used tea-tree shampoo twice and tea tree conditioner and It worked pretty good. She’s sleeping now, and I’m at ease. I’ll try your method should the need arise, but I’m hoping it won’t. Thanks for the info.

    • Wow, what a story! Thanks for sharing, Brian, and best to you and Cubbie.

  69. Thank you very much for your post. My dog got sprayed for the first time yesterday morning I tried your solution and it worked right away. Thank you so much.

  70. Oh man! OK our dog just got it in the face! We watched the video, I ran to the store and hydrogen peroxide and mineral oil and just washed him. Problem is the entire house STINKS! He came in the dog door and started rubbing his face on the carpet before we knew what was happening. What do we do with the smell in the carpet? Any ideas?

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