Looking to bring a new dog into your home? This month, we at DogWatch Hidden Fences would like to encourage you to consider bringing home a disabled or other less adoptable dog, such as senior dogs, those with chronic health conditions, or bad breed reputations. These dogs sadly are frequently overlooked when people go to shelters, and may be put down due to shelter overcrowding and their less adoptable status.

Many disabled dogs have no idea they are disabled, and have become quite adept at overcoming the challenges their disability poses them. They are loving, playful, intelligent, creative, and just as eager to please as any other pup. They will inspire you every day with their determination and resiliency, and perhaps teach you a life lesson or two!

Senior dogSenior dogs and dogs with chronic health conditions, while slightly more expensive to care for, will pay you back in spades with their love, affection, and need for your attention and company. While you may not have as much time with these deserving dogs as you would with a healthy puppy, they will enrich every day you share with them in ways you can’t imagine, and teach you to love more deeply than you could have thought possible.

Bad rep breeds, such as pit bulls, have unfortunately fallen victim to prejudice and stigma due to the actions of a few ill-tempered, poorly bred, and poorly raised individuals. Pit bulls can be incredibly intelligent, sensitive, loving dogs that make excellent companions and are, in fact, also used as service and guide dogs! It takes a little more care and research to make sure you select a pit bull or other bad rep breed with the proper breeding and temperament, but once you find the right dog, you’ll be surprised at what an incredible sidekick he can be!

Pit bull

Please check back in the next few weeks as we delve deeper into life with these less adoptable dogs, and we encourage you to pass this blog on to your social networks to help raise awareness of these amazing, overlooked pups who are waiting to change your life, just as you will change theirs!

Do you or someone you know have a story you’d like to share about life with one of these less adoptable dogs? We’d love to hear it and include it in an upcoming blog post! Please email heidi.fence@dogwatch.com with your tail … er, tale!

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