On February 10-12, DogWatch held our annual Dealer Meeting in Austin, TX. This meeting was our chance to gather our dealers together and discuss our techniques, strategies, and plans for moving forward, so we can continue to bring you the top-notch products and service you have come to expect from DogWatch Hidden Fences. We have some exciting new announcements coming down the pipeline (including a new product!), so stay tuned in upcoming weeks to learn more about what 2012 will bring!

Now, on to something else we are just as excited about. At the dealer meeting, we also announced our dealer awards for 2011. Awards were given out in several categories, including Top Dogs, Rookie of the Year, Top Dealers, Sales Achievement, and more. Congrats go to Major Market Dealers of the Year Emily & Pat West of DogWatch of Columbus and Jan Van de Kamp of DogWatch-Holland, as well as Mid-Market Dealers of the Year Eugene Harwell of DogWatch of North Alabama and Jon Simons of DogWatch of Omaha.

Read on for our full list of awards, and if your local Dealer made the list, we hope you will stop by their Facebook page to congratulate them!

2011 Dealers of the Year

Major Market
Emily & Pat West
DogWatch of Columbus (OH)
Eugene Harwell
DogWatch of North Alabama
Jan Van de Kamp
Jon Simons
DogWatch of Omaha

Top Dog Awards

Ward & Samantha Chapman
DogFence UK
Shawn Bader
DogWatch by Petworks (NY)
Sue & Bruce Thompson
C No Pet Fence (IL)
Sue Marks &Mark Bridschge
DogWatch of Central CT
Shannon & Brent Potvin
DogWatch of Metro-Atlanta
Liz & Jack Goetz
DogWatch of Greater Pittsburgh
William Coden
Fidoʼs Fences (NY)
John Lipscomb
DogWatch of St. Louis
Kathi-Ann & Leddy Smith
DogWatch Systems (MA)
Sharon & Dave Wingfield
Hudson Valley Boundaries (NY)

Rookie of the Year

Alan Grammar
DogWatch of Metro-East (IL)

Largest Customer

Fiona & Vance Plummer
Canine Containment Company (Australia)

Service Award

Jack Winters
DogWatch of Delaware Valley

2011 Dealer Awards for Sales Achievement

Jamie Young
Palmetto DogWatch
Lisa Schultz
DogWatch of Cleveland
Jeremy Hoefs
DogWatch of Fargo-Moorhead
Jon Simons
DogWatch of Omaha
Joe Grumme
Countryview Kennels (TN)
Karen & Kirk Nielsen
DogWatch of Santa Barbara
Guy Treanor
DogWatch of the Twin Cities
Mike Diehl
DogWatch of East Central PA
Jason Bouchea
DogWatch of NE WI
Anthony Crusco
DogWatch of Palm Beach
Cathy Arbuckle & Ron Sweat
DogWatch of Wichita
John Wasilishen
DogWatch by Pro Dog (NJ)
Dave Berry
DogWatch of Greater
Portland (ME)
Lawrence Sowers
DogWatch of the Piedmont (VA)
April & Rich Caron
DogWatch of Appalachia (KY)
Mary Jo Mentink
DogWatch of Northern KY
Vicki & Brad Wolfe
DogWatch of SE Ontario
Rob Girolami
DogWatch of the Carolina Coast
Gary Richardson
DogWatch of Nashville
Kristi & Joe Etherson
DogWatch of SW FL
Jan van de Kamp
Kathy, Bob & Robert Carter
DogWatch of Kentuckiana
Fiona & Vance Plummer
Canine Containment Company (Australia)
Christine & Troy Dykes
DogWatch of the Bay Area (CA)
Jason Gares
DogWatch of South Jersey
Holly & Randy Hoyt
DogWatch of Cape Cod
Maryann Bean
DW of the Endless
Mountains (PA)
Ernie Roy
DogWatch of New Hampshire
David Hudgins
DogWatch of the SC LowCountry
Drew Knutzen
DogWatch of Colorado