Recently, we highlighted successful “Copreneurs” – couples who work together as DogWatch Dealers. The DogWatch Dealer team also includes many businesses that have added DogWatch Hidden Fences as part of a “co-branding” expansion strategy.


In an article for Entrepreneur magazine, Jeff Elgin notes that the traditional methods of business expansion (e.g., selling more to the same customers, expanding geographically) are being supplanted by what he refers to as Synergistic Expansion. Elgin defines this as leveraging a business’ existing infrastructure, customers and staff to support growth that, “though not directly related to the current business….has some synergies.”

In a 2009 article Grow Your Business by Addition with Co-Branding, published by the US Business Journal, entrepreneur Todd Beckman refers to this type of expansion as co-branding. Beckman goes on to say:

“The key to successful brand add-ons is compatibility in both concept and operations. If you currently have a business, adding a new brand with compatible products and services allows you to increase the revenue you are currently receiving from your existing customers even as you increase your customer base through the attraction of the new brand.”

Outdoor Recreation Retailers

Dog on swing setOne successful example of DogWatch Dealer co-branding can be found among outdoor recreational retailers. Two such companies, Backyard Playworld in Omaha, Nebraska and Adventures Outback in Austin, Texas actively promote & install DogWatch Hidden Fences in addition to marketing residential and commercial playgrounds, basketball hoops and trampolines.

Jon Simons of Backyard Playworld, who also does business as DogWatch of Omaha, reports that his play set customers routinely inquire about and purchase DogWatch Hidden Fences. Conversely, pet-owners with a DogWatch fence often come back to purchase recreation products.

Tim Carter, owner of Adventures Outback and DogWatch of Austin-San Antonio puts it this way: “I’m already in the customer’s backyard for recreational installations. If a dog comes running out the door, I’ve just found another DogWatch customer!” Jon and Tim both maintain separate websites for their outdoor recreation and dog fence businesses. Both sites display prominent links to the other complimentary business.

Dog Boarding and Dog Training Businesses

Todd Vande Noord of DogWatch by Dog Pro KennelsOther dog-related businesses can also benefit from co-branding with DogWatch. Todd Vande Noord, operator of Dog Pro Kennels in De Soto, Iowa, has run a successful dog boarding and training business since 2001, and added DogWatch Hidden Fences to his service offerings in 2013. After learning more about DogWatch’s products and speaking with fellow kennel owner and Iowa DogWatch Dealer Rick Edington of DogWatch by Critter Camp, Todd decided that DogWatch was great way to extend his business and further serve his customers. He feels that his dog training experience is a selling point for his DogWatch customers, lending him credibility and helping make customers unfamiliar with hidden or “invisible” fences more comfortable when making the purchase and beginning the training process.

DogWatch has Dealership opportunities available in many markets that would make a great addition to an outdoor recreation retailer, dog boarding business, dog training business and many other businesses. Boise, Idaho; Evansville, Indiana; Reno-Tahoe, Nevada and Little Rock, Arkansas are a just few of the places where we’re looking for Dealers. A complete list of available markets can be found here.

For more information on co-branding with DogWatch, contact Charlie at 800-793-3436 extension 616 or