Picking the perfect dog name is never easy. What name will best suit his or her unique personality? Which name won’t I mind saying over and over again in puppy kindergarten? If you’re at a loss, try one of these five trendy, memorable and meaningful options. Maybe your dog’s new name is on this list, or it will inspire you to find your own unique name for your new best friend! 

1. Sirius

Astronomy buffs, take note. There is no better dog name for star-gazers that Sirius, also known as the “Dog Star.” It got its name for being the prominent star in the Canis Major (Greater Dog) constellation. In Greek mythology, Sirius is one of Orion’s two faithful hunting dogs. Sirius is the brightest star in Earth’s night sky, so it would be a quite a fitting honor for your new furry bundle of joy. (Oh, and this name is also a great options for Harry Potter fans, too!)

Other Starry Options: Laelaps, Procyon, Maera, Asterion and Chara


2. Hamilton

Thanks to the smash hit Broadway musical, Alexander Hamilton is all the rage in 2016! The founding father’s story, thrilling told by creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and his cast, is full of inspiration, swagger and heart. Even if you can’t make to NYC to be in the room where it happens, you can still raise a glass to freedom by naming your feisty pup after the ten dollar founding father. Just be warned, Hamilton was known for his pugnacity and relentless drive. You might be in for quite a ride!

Other Hamiltonian Options: Angelica, Eliza (and Peggy!), Burr, Washington, Jefferson, Lafayette, Laurens and Hercules Mulligan


3. Bretagne

In June, dog lovers everywhere mourned the passing of a 16 year-old Golden Retriever named Bretagne, the last search and rescue dog who worked at Ground Zero in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in New York. Bretagne (pronounced “Brittany”) worked alongside her mom/handler Denise Corliss at Ground Zero, as well as in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ivan. After retiring from search and rescue at age 10, Bretagne helped Corliss train her other search and rescue dogs, and worked as a reading assistance dog at an elementary school near her home in Cypress, Texas. Bretagne’s life of dedicated service to others is truly inspiring, and we bet your dog would be proud to share her name with this canine hero.

Other Ground Zero Search and Rescue Dogs: Merlyn, Woody, Polly, Tuff, Ditto, Abby, Hawk and more


4. Hachikō

Hachikō is a the name of an Akita from Japan whose story became legend and whose name is now synonymous with unwavering loyalty. In 1920s, Hachikō used to follow his owner, a professor at University of Tokyo named Hidesamuro Ueno, to the train station every morning and wait for him to return at the end of the day. Unfortunately, Ueno passed away at work suddenly. Hachikō waited patiently for his owner to return, keeping vigil at the train station for nearly 10 years until his own death in 1935. Because of his never-ending loyalty, Hachikō became famous across Japan and around the world, and now has a popular statue dedicated to him at Shibuya Station, the same train station he waited at for all those years. So if you’re looking for the perfect name for the dog who’ll never leave your side, look no further.

Other Famously Loyal Dogs: Greyfriars Bobby, Pompey, Gelert, Waghya and more

Hachikō in his later years.

Hachikō in his later years (via Wikipedia)


5. Marnie

With her trademark tilted, tongue out smile and social media star power, Marnie is an ambassador for shelter dogs, senior dogs and dogs who look a little different. The 14 years young Shih Tzu was a stray dog picked up by Animal Control in Connecticut at age 9 and adopted four months later by Shirley Braha, who brought her home to New York City. Marnie’s unique looks and cheerfulness in the front of the camera helped her win a staggering 2 million followers on Instagram, making her one of the most popular dogs on social media worldwide. “Senior rescue dogs are known for being especially grateful and loyal to their new owners for giving them a second chance on life,” Braha writes on Marnie’s official website. “And Marnie lives every day exemplifying this joy and gratitude.” So when you’re thinking of a name for your perfectly imperfect rescue pup, consider honoring another fabulous rescue and pick Marnie!

Other Meme-Worthy Options: Tuna, Boo, Harley, Beast, Susie and Toast.


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