Dog Adoption

How to successfully navigate year two with your “Pandemic Puppy”

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a pet ownership boom in 2020, with many owners becoming first-time pet parents. As vaccines are rolling out and restrictions are lifting, many new owners have begun to reconsider their decision.

According to a recent survey from Merck Animal Health, 73% of people who became first-time dog owners during the pandemic are now thinking about rehoming their pets. 58% of these owners say they wish taking care of their pet’s health didn’t take so much time, 33% were surprised how much it costs to care for a pet, and 25% claim they don’t have enough information to care for their dog.

Here’s a guide to help you successfully navigate year two and beyond of pet ownership and avoid rehoming your four-legged family member.

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7 Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog

It’s National Rescue Dog Day! Three million adoptable dogs enter shelters across the United States each year, making overpopulation a real problem. These pets are patiently waiting to meet their new families and receive a second chance at life! Opening your home to a rescue dog comes with several benefits, some you may have never even considered. Read post »

Lab mix dog smiling

The Most Popular Dog Names of 2020

2020 was a record year for dog adoptions in the U.S., with many families choosing to bring home a new pup during their COVID quarantine. And what’s the first decision a new pet owner has to make? Picking a name for their new furry best friend!

With so many options out there, we’ve dug into our data and discovered which dog names were the most popular among new DogWatch customers in the US and Canada from January to November 2020. Check out our list below! Read post »

German Shorthaired Pointer playing with stuffed football

Your Guide to a Dog-Friendly Super Bowl LIV Party

Super Bowl Sunday is here, and we can’t wait for the big game to start! By now, you’ve probably decided where you’ll watch the event, what delicious munchies you’ll prepare, and which team you’ll be cheering on. But what about your dog? How will he or she participate in the big day? The DogWatch team has some fun ideas for incorporating your best friend into the year’s biggest sports spectacle. Read post »