Our name may be DogWatch, but we love cats, too! Part 2 of our Annual Holiday Gift Guide is here, and this time, we’ve rounded up 10 unique and modern gift ideas for our beloved felines. From cat castles to yummy treats to the latest in cat toy technology, you’ll be sure to find something to impress even the most discerning of cats!

Click on the images below to find out more about our suggestions, and feel free to add your own gift ideas in the comments! And check out Part One of our Holiday Gift Guide, featuring gifts for dogs, and stay tuned for Part Three, featuring gifts for all the cat and dog lovers on your list!



Every cat parent wonders what their feline gets up to when they leave them home alone. Now, with the Kittyo device and mobile app, you can check up on your cat, share videos with your friends and even dispense some treats when you’re at work or otherwise on the go. Other awesome features include a laser than you can move around using your phone to engage in some remote kitty exercise, and a speaker, so you can talk to your cat. There’s no guarantee that they’ll listen, but we bet they’ll enjoy hearing your voice anyway.

$249.99, Available at Best Buy.


Sleepypod Cat Carrier

Chances are your cat hates his cat carrier. If your cat is a frequent traveler, consider investing in a Sleepypod to help make the experience safer and more comfortable. At home, the Sleepypod is a plush bed for your cat to relax in. When it’s time to travel, simply zip on the dome top, and your cat’s familiar bed becomes his travel carrier. Those familiar scents will help keep him calm during the journey. The Sleepypod even buckles into a car seat for extra security on the road. Who knows, your cat may even look forward to going to the vet in one of these?

$189.99 Regular, $169.99 Mini, Available in Dark Chocolate (shown above), Jet Black, Blossom Pink and more colors at sleepypod.com.

Cat Castles by Carin Oliver

Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself

Boxes are great fun for cats, but they’re not exactly eye-catching home decor. Design-obsessed cat parents who enjoy D-I-Y projects – this book is for you! Turn those boring Amazon boxes into a rocketship, a submarine, a spiral cat tree, a food truck and more by following Carin Oliver’s fun and easy instructions. Every cat deserves a castle – why not build your own for that fantastic feline in your life?

$11.24, Available at Amazon.com.

Ripple Rug

The Ripple Rug

Give your cat a space to play, scratch, leap, pounce and purr that’s all her own. The Ripple Rug is a deceptively simple product that will provide hours of entertainment for your kitty. The rug’s anti-fray carpet fibers with non-raveling edges are designed to withstand clawing and biting, and its wavy shape gives your cat levels to explore, play and rest. The Ripple Rug is also easy to clean using just soap and water, and easy to fold up for compact storage and travel. And eco-friendly cat parents will love that each Ripple Rug is made in the U.S. using 24 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Spokescat Yoda the tortoiseshell/tabby (pictured) loves it, and we bet your kitty will, too!

$39.99, Available at ripplerug.com.

Wellness Kittles Tuna and Cranberries Cat Treats

Kittles Tuna and Cranberry Cat Treats

Cats are notoriously picky about presents, but few will say no to yummy treats for the holidays! Our staff’s cats love these tasty Kittles treats from the popular cat and dog food brand Wellness®. The Tuna and Cranberries Recipe is a particular favorite. These all-natural crunchy treats are a good grain-free and low calorie (only 2 calories per treat) alternative to those tempting table scraps. Just don’t leave them under the tree for very long – they may be too yummy for Fluffy (or Fido) to resist tearing into!

$2.99, Available at Petco and other stores.

Taco Meow Cat Bed

Taco Meow Cat Bed

We first spotted this awesome cat bed at the BlogPaws conference in June, and we immediately knew it would make this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you keep it folded like a taco or flat like a tostada, your cat will enjoy it’s soft fleece fabric and “crackling” celophane lining. It even comes with three chili pepper-shaped catnip toys for the extra purr factor. And you’ll get to watch your cat sleep in taco – c’mon, how cute is that?!?

$48, Available at shopmeoow.com.

Kong Kickeroo

KONG Kickeroo

KONG is known for their sturdy rubber dog toys, but did you know that they also make cat toys? One of their most popular cat toys is the wonderfully named Kickeroo. This unique catnip-filled toy appeals to a cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey. It’s size, shape and material were specially chosen to promote wrestling and hind paw kicking. It’s also got a fluffy tail perfect for grabbing and swinging. Be warned, though, your cat may prefer to cuddle with it instead of you on Christmas evening.

$5.39, Available at chewy.com and many local pet stores.

PetSmart Pet Holiday™ Winter Pop Up Tunnel Cat Toy

Pop Up Tunnel

Got a crazy kitten to entertain this holiday season? Pick up one of these festive Pop Up Tunnels on your next trip to PetSmart. Your kitty will love the crinkly sound it makes. You’ll love the break you’ll get when your feisty feline decides to chase the ball at the end of the tunnel instead of chasing your feet. It’s a win-win.

$8.47, Available at PetSmart.

KATRIS Modular Cat Tree


KATRIS Modular Cat Tree

KATRIS is the brainchild of Silicon Valley-based designers who wanted to build a smarter, stronger, more flexible and more attractive alternative to the standard cat tree.  KATRIS blocks (like the TETRIS videogame that inspired their name) are a modular piece of cat furniture that is built for cats but designed to fit beautifully into the home. The blocks can be changed up in endless new combinations and formations, providing new play options for the cat and storage options for the human. KATRIS blocks are made from layers of recycled paper adhered together by non-toxic glue, making it an eco-friendly way for your cat to scratch with less mess and more stimulation. Smart, stylish, and green, KATRIS is a cat tree that stands out and blends in at the same time.

$248.95, Available at katriscat.com.

DogWatch Indoor Boundaries

DogWatch Indoor Pet Boundaries

Cats love to get into trouble. It is one of the things we love most about them, but it also causes lots of headaches for cat parents. To protect your cat and your home, try DogWatch Indoor Pet Boundaries. Our Indoor Boundaries can effectively keep pets from scratching the couch, jumping on the kitchen counters or to create ‘cat-free’ zones. Multi-pet households can also use DogWatch Indoor Boundaries to keep the dog away from the cat food or litterbox. (Your cat will thank you!) Plus, our indoor systems work with the same DogWatch receiver collar as our Outdoor Hidden Fences (which work for cats, too!)  Give your local DogWatch Dealer a call today, and help restore the peace this holiday season!


Happy Shopping! Stay tuned later this week for our final gift guide for all the cat and dog people on your list!