Didn’t find your pet’s perfect costume in our “10 Homemade Halloween Dog Costume Ideas for Beginners to Experts” post? Never fear, DogWatch is here to help! We’ve found 5 more fantastic, trendy options to highlight your dog’s unique looks, personality and attitude. Try one out this Halloween, and don’t forget to snap a photo and enter our 4th Annual DogWatch Halloween Photo Contest!

1. Justice League Saves the Day

Marvel has dominated the cinematic superhero world for years now, but in 2017, DC fought back in a big way. Wonder Woman was the summer’s biggest and most talked-about blockbuster, so you can bet they’ll be a lot of little Dianas trick-or-treating this year. We’ve already seen a few Amazon Princesses in our Halloween Contest, along with plenty of Wonder Woman’s superhero brothers-in-arms in the upcoming Justice League movie: Batman, Superman, The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. Maybe your dog will join the fight this Halloween?

Wonder Dog and Bat Dog! (Photos by Tiffany Richburg via Facebook and GoldenWoofs via Instagram)

2. The Force is Strong With These Pups

It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan. Legendary rebel Luke Skywalker returns to the big screen in December to train young Rey in The Last Jedi. With so many iconic characters from the series – in addition to Luke and Rey, you have Yoda, Han Solo, General Leia, Finn, Poe Dameron, R2D2, BB8, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Chewbacca and (of course) the Ewoks – your dog may have to have multiple costume changes this year!

Star Wars Dogs

3. Doggie Chef

We bet if our office dogs had a dream job (other than hanging out at DogWatch HQ, of course), it would be to work as a chef. All that yummy meat, cheese, bread, veggies…all just a paw away! Let your pup indulge her culinary dreams this Halloween with a jolly chef costume. Grab an old apron, and a chef’s signature hat (if your dog will tolerate it) and voila – Chef Fido is ready to take over the kitchen. Treats for everyone!

Chef Ryder the German Shorthaired Pointer

4. Stranger Puppies

Netflix’s spooky hit Stranger Things finally returns this week, so you can bet lots of pet owners will be transforming their pets into characters from the awesomely retro TV series. Telekinetic mystery kid Eleven is definitely a fan favorite. To get her unique look (like Instagram star Oliver the Goldendoodle), you’ll need a frilly pink dress, blue 1980s windbreaker and, of course, Eggo waffles.

Oliver the Goldendoodle channels Eleven from Netflix's "Stranger Things." Photo by oliverthegoldendoodle via Instagram

5. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Looking for something simple but clever? Gather up your dog and a few of his buddies (human, canine or even feline) and bring this classic schoolyard game to life. It can be as easy as cutting out the three shapes using construction paper and using yarn to creating a loose “necklace.” The costume can easily be draped on for photos and taken off when the dog has had enough of costume time. Check out Collies Frankie and Joey and their little Aunt Phoebe below – aren’t they adorable?!?

Collies Frankie and Joey and their little Aunt Phoebe are Rock-Paper-Scissors!

Remember, if you do decide to dress your dog for Halloween, make sure the costume is safe for the dog. It should not have small pieces that the dog could chew off and ingest, and should not restrict the animal’s vision, hearing, or ability to breathe properly. Make sure elastic bands for headpieces are not too tight, and that hats don’t fall in your dog’s eyes. If your dog is not the costume type, opt for a festive bandanna or collar instead. (Find more Halloween safety tips here.)

Have a blast this Halloween!

These amazing dog photos are all DogWatch Halloween Photo Contest entries! To see these and more photos, and to enter your own pet’s photo, go to our Facebook Page or search #DogWatchHalloween on Instagram.

Photo Credits
Featured Photos: Tiffany Richburg via Facebook (left), frankieandjoeythecollies via Instagram (middle top), supernovangirl via Instagram (middle bottom) and Cheryl Renee via Facebook (right).
Justice League Dogs: Wonder Woman Dog is Ella, a 4 year-old American Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull mix from Sherrills Ford, NC. Photo by Tiffany Richburg via Facebook. Bat Dog is Koru Bear of GoldenWoofs.
Star Wars Dogs: reissjess via Instagram
Chef Dog: ryder_the_gsp via Instagram
Stranger Things Dog: oliverthegoldendoodle via Instagram
Rock Paper Scissors: frankieandjoeythecollies via Instagram