Whether your heading to your favorite beach, vacation home, or just to your backyard, Summer 2022 means getting back to the activities you may have missed out on for the last two years.  

Here are a collection of books about our favorite topic – DOGS – that pair perfectly with sunshine!


the forever dog by rodney Haib cover

The Forever Dog: A New Science Blueprint for Raising Healthy and Happy Canine Companions by Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Shaw Becker

To determine the route causes of rising chronic illness and shorter lifespans in dogs over the past few decades, author Rodney Habib and DVM Karen Shaw Becker have distilled years of research and knowledge from pre-eminent scientists around the globe to create the ‘Forever Dog’.

This book represents the best of all the wisdom they have gathered and offers insight and actionable plans to help your four-legged family member live a longer, healthier, and happier life. With a strategy focusing on the four tenements of diet, movement, environmental exposure, and stress reduction, The Forever Dog is an invaluable reference and source of information that will help any dog owner improve and extend their favorite pup’s life!

the cover of the book Second Chances: A Marine, His Dog, and Finding Redemption

Second Chances: A Marine, His Dog, And Finding Redemption by Craig Gross

Craig Grossi, a former US Marine, has appeared on high-profile talk shows and at speaking events for years, telling the story of Fred, the stray dog he brought home from a tour in Afghanistan. While speaking at a prison, Craig discovered an inmate program operated by America’s Vet Dogs. He discovered that many incarcerated veterans serve in the program, helping to train service dogs for disabled veterans in the civilian world. Craig became deeply invested in this program which gives purpose to the dogs serving those in need and the prisoners training them. This book describes Craig’s amazing encounters with those working in the program and how second chances can make all the difference.

cover of the book piglet by melissa shapiro

Piglet: The Unexpected Story of a Deaf, Blind, Pink Puppy and His Family by Melissa Shapiro

When Piglet, the deaf, blind, and traumatized puppy, is fostered by a local veterinarian named Melissa in a small Connecticut town, her family treats the anxious pup as one of their own. For months they help Piglet become more confident and help her understand that there is nothing left to fear. When the day comes to finally adopt out Piglet, Melissa and her family face a difficult decision. This true story of perseverance, kindness, and love is enough to melt the heart of any dog owner!

front cover of the book tales of al: the water rescue dog by Lynne Cox

Tales of Al: The Water Rescue Dog by Lynne Cox

Say hello to a real-life canine superhero! Tales of Al is the true story of Al, the Newfoundland puppy who grew up to become part of Italy’s elite helicopter diving rescue dog group! Author Lynne Cox details Al’s journey from an uncoordinated and hyperactive puppy, through rigorous training, and eventually to the honors and distinctions he has earned serving in the capacity of a life-saving rescue dog. Throw on your wetsuit and prepare to follow the adventures of Al on the picturesque Italian coastline!



cover of the book What a dog knows by susan wilson

What A Dog Knows by Susan Wilson

Ruby, a fortune-teller with a checkered past, has spent most of her life working at fairs and carnivals. One day, when she begins to lose her magic powers, she is visited by a small dog whose language she understands. Somehow the dog has unlocked something deep within Ruby that allows her to understand the language of animals. With her new pup in tow, Ruby continues her journey through the country and to various fairs and gatherings. One day she finds herself at a farm that she just can’t seem to leave, and discovers that she may have finally found her home. This enthralling and heart-warming read is sure to entertain dog-lovers who have an affinity for the magic animals can provide!

the front cover of the book dog friendly by Victoria schade

Dog Friendly by Victoria Schade

About as perfect as it gets for a beach read! This novel follows the journey of a veterinarian named Morgan, burnt out from a hectic couple of years (something we can all relate to). She finds solace taking care of a client’s special needs senior dog on the island of Nantucket for what she thinks will be a summer respite away from the world. But Morgan’s task and relaxing retreat is complicated when she also takes in a second dog, meets a love-interest, and is paid a visit by her estranged brother, all making for a summer she’ll never forget.

cover of the book off the chain by Janice Thompson

Off the Chain by Janice Thompson

Are you a fan of mystery novels and dogs? Well, meet your new favorite book! In this small-town mystery, author Janice Thompson creates excitement and intrigue with the story of Marigold Evans, a veterinarian technician at Lone Star Vet in Texas. When the Lone Star Vet office is broken into and vandalized with a giant red “murderer” painted across the wall, Marigold goes into full-detective mode as she attempts to solve the case of a senseless crime committed in a small community. Who committed the crime, who is or who will be the murderer, and will Marigold ever get to the bottom of it?!

Children’s Books

front cover of the book parsley by ann lewin-benham

Parsley: A Love Story of a Child for Puppy and Plants by Ann Lewin-Benham and Karen Busch-Holman

Follow Parsley the pup, who teaches your child patience and respect for things that grow through a heart-warming and educational 44-page poem. The beautiful words and stunning illustrations aren’t all that await you within the book, your child will also be given activities and instructions on how to plant their very own garden. It’s a perfect learning experience for ages four and up!

front cover of the book don't eat bees by dev petty

Don’t Eat Bees: Life Lessons from Chip the Dog by Dev Petty, Mike Boldt

For ages three and up, this book is chock full of quality life advice from the always hilarious pup, Chip! This collection of stories following a loveable dog will not only teach the child in your life about etiquette, manners, and navigating difficult situations, but it will also give them more than a few belly-laughs!

Do you have your own favorite dog-themed book to recommend? Share your feedback with us in the comments or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Have a wonderful summer and happy reading!