New Social Media for Dog Owners: Are you "Pinterest"ed?

There’s a new (free!) social media phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation and proving to be quite the resource for dog owners. It’s called Pinterest, and it’s essentially a cork board for the digital age with a great social component. Remember the days of scouring magazines for recipes, craft ideas, pictures, and decorating ideas, then clipping out those pages and posting them on a cork board or filing them away in a series of folders or binders? Pinterest lets you do all that digitally: no muss, no fuss, no clutter, and better yet, you won’t LOSE anything!
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Great Apps for On-the-Go Dog Owners

Now that May is here and the weather’s getting warmer, both we and our four-legged friends are out and about far more often, which also means we’re away from our primary source of information: our computers. However, with today’s technology, no computer is no problem! Here are some helpful apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android that will make sure that out of the house doesn’t mean out of touch.

Pet First AidPet First Aid

None of us want to think about our pet being injured or having a medical emergency, but unfortunately, it does happen. The Pet First Aid app aims to help in these situations. It provides videos, articles, and illustrations on first aid and triage for common medical emergencies for both cats and dogs, and covers everything from cuts and bee stings to CPR and bandaging. The iOS version also allows you to record your pet’s vital medical information and veterinary info so you’re always on top of his medical needs. $3.99 for iOS; $2.99 for Android (Android version only contains First Aid information; updates are expected which will allow the ability to track medical stats)
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DogWatch’s Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Owners

It’s hard to believe the holidays are already upon us, but sure enough, Hannukah starts tomorrow(!) and Christmas is on Sunday. To help you with your last-minute shopping, here’s DogWatch’s gift guide for the pet owner in your life.

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Keeping Your Pets (and Decorations) Safe This Holiday Season!

Holiday decorations, candles, special holiday meals, presents, candy, Christmas trees, mistletoe: many of the things that make the holidays look, taste, and smell so good can be potentially hazardous temptations for our pets. And our own distractions this time of year provide plenty of opportunities for mischief for our dogs and cats.
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